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Relaciones públicas y comunicación para un fundraising sostenible. Perspectivas internacionales.

Nombre del doctorando: D.ª Rocío Torres Mancera

Universidad: Universidad de Málaga

Fecha de lectura: 09/07/2020

Dirección: D. Carlos de las Heras Pedrosa

Tribunal: D. Miguel de Aguilera Moyano, D. Fernando Oliveras Delgado y D.ª María Isabel Monroy Castillo


This doctoral thesis records the situation of PR and communication applied to fundraising work in Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Mexico in the time slot from 2016 to 2018, in its professional and academic dimension. The management of these disciplines are studied and presented as tools that can be very useful for the corporate strategic lines in which it is intended to leverage the sustainable development of projects of general social interest. Therefore, this work promotes the impact analysis of these dimensions within relevant entities at local, national and international levels in combined sectors such as culture, innovation, education, socioeconomic development and welfare state. By doing so, a current international, interdisciplinary and circular perspective is explored, in which the academic, business, institutional and society corpus interact directly.

In the academic background, the collected inputs refer to the degree of integration, institutionalization, professionalization and consolidation of the theoretical and practical knowledge of fundraising, in its management activities currently offered; as well as those in project and / or pending to undertake locally and internationally.

In the most business and professional approach of the term, an extensive exploration of public and private information regarding the need, recognition and institutionalization of the fundraising profession, is made thanks to the entities analyzed in four countries.

Following the inputs from the collected data, a concept map is established to correlate the professional quality of their activities, their perception, the level of trust that they transmit and generate with their stakeholders and the use of their strengths to attract investments that can support their sustainable development.

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