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Business Research Methods

Theory and Practice

Rosendo Ríos, Verónica; Pérez del Campo, Enrique

1 ª ed.
314 Páginas
Isbn: 9788473569668
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The Industrial Revolution favored the growth of supply, until its surplus with regards to demand led to the paradigm shift focusing on the product (“a good product sells itself”), or production (“a cheap product sells itself”), to the emphasis on customer relationships (“understanding consumer needs through market research”). Therefore, economic and technological development facilitated the incorporation of the business research discipline into the process of decision making —in the ning— and business intelligence processes —these days— in order to make well informed decisions at lower economic risks (Méndez del Río, 2006).

Thus, this book provides managers and students alike, with a clear analysis of business research methods, combining the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to complete a successful research project.

Readers will learn proven examples and case studies based on real life situations, which complement theoretical concepts and clearly illustrate how to do an appropriate market research. With each chapter, the reader is guided through all the stages of a market research process - problem recognition to final report writing.

This book offers both a deep understanding and at the same time permits judgment and analysis a financial-audit perspective. It reviews and develops easy-to-follow theoretical and practical concepts in a simple, concise and clear structure that facilitate the application of business research methods to a wide variety of business sectors.


Introduction.- PART I: GATHERING THE DATA. Nature and Characteristics of Marketing Research.- Marketing Research Organization and Planning.- Sources and Tools of Market Research Data.- Measurement Scales and Questionnaire.- Surveys.- Panels.- Marketing Experimental Research.- Observation.- Qualitative Tools.- Theory and Practice of Sampling.- Fieldwork.- PART II: ANALYSING THE DATA. Survey Code and Tabulation.- Hypothesis Testing.- PART III: THE REPORT. The Report.- Figure Index.- Table Index .

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