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Num. 166 Vol 51, Issue 2
Typology and characterization of the pampean beekeeping systems
DOI: 10.7200/esicm.166.0512.2

Elena Angón, ORCID: 0000-0002-6807-6146; Tomás Bragulat; Alberto Giorgis, ORCID: 0000-0003-2149-3302; José Perea, ORCID: 0000-0002-7496-6794

Received: 11-12-2019
Accepted: 24-04-2020
Published: 13-05-2020

Objective: Identify and characterize the beekeeping systems of La Pampa (Argentina) using multivariate techniques based on the main structural, productive and economic characteristics.

Methodology: The data was collected through a random survey of 80 beekeepers. The classification and description of the apicultural systems was based on a multivariate sequence comprising three stages: review and selection of variables, factor analysis and cluster analysis.

Results: Factor analysis revealed that the size of the farm and the productive and economic performance of beekeeping jointly explained 66% of the variability. Through cluster analysis, three types of beekeeping have been identified: (i) Subsistence beekeeping grouped 55% of the farms, mainly characterized by small sizes and low productive and economic yields. (ii) Industrial beekeeping concentrated 54% of production in 15% of farms, mainly characterized by large sizes and high productive and economic yields. (iii) Commercial beekeeping grouped 30% of the farms, mainly characterized by high productivity with intermediate sizes.

Limitations: The study has been carried out on a few farms due to the difficulty of obtaining answers to all the variables included in the survey.

Practical implications: Beekeeping in La Pampa is generally a highly heterogeneous complement of income or family subsistence, with low productivity and low input use. Subsistence beekeeping is a socially relevant system for its contribution to family employment and income in rural areas. Industrial beekeeping is oriented to the export market and has a more competitive scale. Commercial beekeeping is situated on an intermediate scale.

Keywords: Multivariate analysis; beekeeping; Argentina; honey; production systems.

JEL Code: O13, Q12.


Tomás Bragulat, Elena Angón, Alberto Giorgis, & José Perea (2020). Typology and characterization of the pampean beekeeping systems, Esic Market Economics and Business Journal, 51(2), 299-318. Doi: 10.7200/esicm.166.0512.2

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