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Num. 166 Vol 51, Issue 2
The origin and development of the technical efficiency analysis in the economy an environmental viewpoint
DOI: 10.7200/esicm.166.0512.4

Marisa Feijóo, ORCID: 0000-0001-9819-8649; Jesús Lucindo Blasco, ORCID: 0000-0001-6435-5239

Received: 04-03-2020
Accepted: 13-06-2020
Published: 06-07-2020

Objective: Determine the technically efficient behavior for any agent in the economy, being responsible for its environmental performance.

Methodology: Review of the state of the art of the literature on the analysis of technical efficiency an environmental perspective.

Results: Determine a behavior for an economy and ecological efficiency in order to assume a sustainable development.

Limitations: Given the theoretical modelling developed, the main drawbacks are: the non-presence in the predictive models of the cost of the environmental impact, the lack of tools to collect adequately those impacts that are delayed in time and, finally, the limitations to investigate the influence of the uncontrollable natural factors.

Practical implications: Action guides for individuals, firms and states to meet their needs with the least impact on the environment. Special attention to supply to decision-makers with an adequate study for the proper design of environmental regulations.

Keywords: Efficiency; production; environmental; sustainable development.

JEL Code: D24, Q59.


Lucindo Blasco, J., & Feijóo, M., 2020, The origin and development of the technical efficiency analysis in the economy an environmental viewpoint, Esic Market Economics and Business Journal, 51(2), 385-410. Doi: 10.7200/esicm.166.0512.4

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