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Bachelor's Degree in International Business

  September 2021 September 2021

  Available locations

  • Madrid

Degree information


ESIC University in Madrid offers a Degree in International Business, prepares professionals capable of performing business management tasks in international environments, who can manage and take advantage of the business opportunities in an increasingly globalised world.


Training 100% in English. From the first semester of the Bachelor's Degree in International Business students will work with international universities students.


Training in business management in international settings, languages, leadership, internationalisation, and digital economy.


Taught by teachers with broad professional experience in international business management and academic certification by the Ministry of Education (ANECA).


Based on two pillars: to know how to be and to know how to do; and one objective: your incorporation into professional life.


Formative axes

Commercial Management







Specific training complements


Participants with creative potential and interest for new technologies and digital economy who want to develop their career and capabilities in the marketing, sales and/or market research area.


A Bachelor's Degree in International Business with the quality and services of a University

  • Internationalitation
  • Professional development unit
  • Language School
  • Training in managerial skills
  • Entrepreneurial incubator
  • Internships and Employment in the main companies of the country

Who is it for?

  • Want to work in international business.
  • Demonstrate leadership and want to hone this skill.
  • Global and multicultural business perspectives.
  • Early-adopters of new technologies.
  • Speaks several languages already or is interested in learning new languages.

Professional opportunities Bachelor’s Degree in International Business (BIB)

​​​​​​This Bachelor's Degree in International Business is a passport to several career opportunities, such as:

  • Associate Project Officer
  • Programme Development Advisor
  • International Foreign Policy Advisor
  • Foreign Office Service (Diplomatic Corps)
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • International Trade Specialist
  • International Procurement Department
  • Import/Export Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant

Added value and experiences

double degree


Obtain two degrees: one from ESIC and the other from our prestigious partner university. Employers highly value this commitment.

global masterclass


Learn how to tackle the latest challenges and anticipate upcoming trends by attending monthly interactive masterclasses taught by renowned academic scholars and leading industry experts that bring the current affairs in the field of international business to life for you.

global bootcamp


Annual summit of high-performing teams from partner universities to foster a collaborative environment, sense of community through Social Impact Projects, and engage in immersive networking.

global summer


Spend at least one semester at a prestigious partner university abroad to learn in another education system that also excels at teaching. Also, this will help you acquire a better understanding of the international business perspective that companies need.



Quench your thirst for knowledge by learning how to dive deep into your subject matter of interest through research. Produce original work with faculty and present it at academic conferences and symposiums.



Gain access to extra-curricular internships at multilateral institutions, such as the EC, UN, World Bank, IMF, ADB, IDB, UNICEF, UNHCR.

global summer experience


Attend international universities and receive special certifications from prestigious universities worldwide to:

  • Significantly improve employability competitiveness.
  • Forge relationships with international students that enriches your critical thinking.
  • Experience different cultural interactions that develop a global mindset.
Concursosr y certamenes


From the first semester, you will collaborate in virtual teams with students from other international universities to solve annual cases for real companies.

Study guides

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Labour Law 6 BE
Business Law 6 BE
Fundamentals of Business Economics 6 BE
Fundamentals of Marketing 6 BE
Business English 6 BE

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Business Administration and Organisation 6 BE
Data Analysis 6 BE
Current Tax Bases of the Tax System 6 BE
Financial Accounting 6 BE
Principles of Economics 6 BE

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
International Accounting 6 COM
International Law 6 COM
International Economic Environment 4,5 COM
Mondern language I 6 COM
Applied Computing for Business Management 6 COM

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
International Areas and Markets 6 COM
Modern Language II 6 COM
International Market Research 6 COM
Mathematics of Financial Operations 6 COM
International Operations  & Global Entrepreneurship 6 COM


Subject Credits Type**
Chinese 6 BE

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Cross Cultural Management 6 COM
Strategies to Access International Markets 6 COM
International Financing 6 COM
International Macroeconomics 6 COM
International Product and Pricing Policy 6 COM

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
International Marketing Management  6 COM  
International Communication Strategies 6 COM  
Tools and Operations on the World Financial Markets 6 COM  
International Politics in the Business World 6 COM  
Transport, Logistics, and International Distribution 6 COM  

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Developing Markets 6 COM  
Strategy and Strategic Management 6 COM  
E-Commerce 4,5 COM  
Elective 1 4,5 COM  
Elective 2 4,5 COM  
Elective 3 4,5 COM  

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Internship Placement 24 COM
End of Degree Project  6 TFG

Electives BIB

Subject Credits Type**
Business Ethics 4,5 EL
Decission-Making Models 4,5 EL
Human resources International Management 4,5 EL
Diplomacy, International Relations and Corporate Diplomacy 4,5 EL
European Union 4,5 EL
International Corporate History 4,5 EL
International Purchasing Management 4,5 EL
International Economic Analysis 4,5 EL
International Project Management 4,5 EL
Multilateral Institutions Projects 4,5 EL

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Chinesse I 6 DPS  

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Chinesse II 6 DPS  

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Chinesse III 6 DPS  

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Anthropology 3 DPS
Multimedia Software 3 DPS

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Creation of Digital Spaces 3 DPS
Critical Thinking 3 DPS

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Christian Social Thought 3 DPS
Creative Mindsett 3 DPS

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Mindlab 3 DPS
Business Ethics 3 DPS
Leadership 3 DPS
Digital Footprint 3 DPS

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Planificación de proyectos: MS Project / Edición 3 DEHDM
Edición digital de imagen: Photoshop 3 DEHDM

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Diseño vectorial e infografía: Illustrator 3 DEHDM
Narrativa audiovisual y Edición de vídeo: Premiere 3 DEHDM

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Motion Graphics y 3D: After Effects 3 DEHDM
Arquitectura de la información y UX: Invision, XD, Optimize 360 3 DEHDM

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Creación de páginas Web: Wordpress 3 DEHDM
Antropología 3 DEHDM

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
SEO, SEM y ASO: Google Tools, Semrush, Sistrix 3 DEHDM
Creación E-commerce: Prestashop, Magento 3 DEHDM

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Auditoria SEO: Screamming frog, SEO meta in one click 3 DEHDM
Pensamiento Social Cristiano 3 DEHDM

First semester

Subject Credits Type**
Visualización datos en BSS intelligence: Power BI, Tableau 3 DEHDM
Gestión del cliente y community management: Salesforce 3 DEHDM

Second semester

Subject Credits Type**
Ética empresarial 3 DEHDM
Trabajo fin de diploma 3 DEHDM

Financial aids for study

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Admissions and financial

Economic issues should not be an obstacle that prevents you from reaching your goals.
Be sure your degree has a future.

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