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Online Innovation & Technology Program [PSOIT]

  5 months



Format online

Know more about the most successful techniques of our Superior Innovation and Technology Programme - Silicon Valley.

The Online Innovation & Technology Program offers the student a complete strategic vision on the application of technological tools for innovation and entrepreneurship. An applied business mindset from Silicon Valley.

The main objective of this program is to train students from a totally practical perspective, providing them with a superior immersion experience in the culture and expertise of Silicon Valley. The program focuses on inspiring and connecting participants with the network and opportunities offered by the San Francisco Bay ecosystem. Risking, sharing, collaborating, embracing and celebrating failure are values that define a disruptive culture that is leading the transformation of the world. Through this program, the student immerses in the culture, the leadership style, the approach to innovation, the technological disruption, the network and everything that makes the Valley the leading center of innovation and entrepreneurship and the inspiration for business leaders and entrepreneurs all around the world. 



Advance the development of the digital talent needed to make a business grow or create new a business.


Build leadership skills for the digital transformation.


Provide the keys for leveraging technological opportunities for business.


Promote the use of technology in different types of businesses.


Use intelligent data-based management to make decisions.


Academic Structure

The online format allows students to personalize and make learning more flexible through continuous training. In the online classroom model, technology is integrated as an element of the learning process that guarantees the continuity of training at all times.

The training modules develop the essential, generic and common competences, and deepen the specific, specialized competences specific to a particular function or position.


  • Big Data Fundamentals
    - Big Data Strategy & Fundamentals.
    - Data.
    - Business Analytics.
    - Web Analytics.

    Big Data Tools.
    - Big Data Technologies.
    - Data Science.
    - Visualisation & Uses of Business.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    - Evolution of Artificial Intelligence.
    - Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Fundamentals.
    - Artificial Intelligence Solutions.
    - Applications & Uses of Business.

    Machine Learning (ML)
    - Supervised / Unsupervised Learning.
    - Reinforcement Learning.
    - Deep Learning.
    - Big Data in the context of ML.
    - Applications & Uses of ML Business

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    - Evolution of Natural Language Processing
    - Principles of NLP.
    - NLP Solutions.
    - Applications & Uses of NLP Business.

  • Cloud & Cybersecurity
    - Cloud Computing Fundamentals.
    - Strategies & Digital Transformation in the Cloud
    - Cloud Solutions: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
    - Applications & case studies.
    - Cybersecurity.

    - Introduction to Blockchain technology.
    - Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins.
    - Verification. The “last mile” problem.
    - Tokens: Design of new digital platforms.
    - Blockchain & data privacy.

    Digital Assistants
    - Types of Digital Assistants.
    - Applications of Digital Assistants.
    - Applications & case studies.

    Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
    - VR and AR fundamentals.
    - Designing experiences with VR and AR.

  • Tech Trends
    - Tech Trends & Insights.
    - Applications & Uses of Business.

    Marketing Technology
    - Marketing Technology Fundamentals
    - The evolution of the Marketing Technology panorama.
    - CX-CRM Platforms.
    - Digital Advertising & DMP for Programmatic.
    - Multichannel Sales & Service.
    - Applications & Uses of Business.

    Human Resources Technology
    - Talent in a digital world.
    - HR Technology Fundamentals.
    - Human Capital Management Platforms.
    - Digital HR Transformation Framework.

  • Design Thinking
    - Incremental innovation. Disruptive innovation.
    - Creativity & Innovation.
    - Problem, need and opportunity.
    - Empathy Maps.
    - Customer Journey Map.
    - Customer Persons.

    - Empathising.
    - Customer Needs & Insights.
    - Ideation Tools.
    - Solution Definition.

  • Customer Experience (CX)
    - Principles and value of CX Management.
    - CX Benchmark & Maturity Models.
    - CX Management Roadmap.
    - Trends in CX.
    - Successful case studies. 

    User Experience (UX)
    - Principles of UX.
    - Usability.
    - Accessibility.
    - User & Interaction Design.

  • Strategy, Platform Business & Ecosystem
    - Strategic Fundamentals/ Business Model.
    - Customer Segments & Value Propositions.
    - Channels & Customer Relationships.
    - Platform Business & Ecosystem.
    - Entrepreneurship/ Lean Startup Ecosystems.
    - Intrapreneurship/ Startup Way.

    Prototypes & Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
    - Proof of Concept (POC).
    - Prototyping Fundamentals.
    - Designing MVPs.

  • Testing
    - Product/Market Fit.
    - Usability Tests: What, When & Why?
    - A/B testing, Multivariate Testing.
    - User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

    Growth Hacking
    - Growth Mindset/ AARRR Funnel.
    - Growth Hacking Methodology.
    - Inbound Marketing.
    - Lead Generation.
    - Sales Conversion.

    - Capital & Financing entrepreneurship.
    - Seed Capital.
    - Business Angels/ Accredited Investors.
    - Venture Capital.
    - Crowdfunding.

  • Services / Fintech / Insurtech
    - Technology for Financial Services and Telecommunications.
    - Fintech.
    - Insurtech.

    Retail / Consumer Goods
    - Technology for Retail.
    - Technology for Consumer Goods.

    Health / Biotech
    - Healthtech.
    - Biotech.

*Academic Structure subject to change

Outgoing profile

  • Innovation Managers and Directors
  • Business Development
  • New Product and Service Development
  • Digital Transformation

Prices and Campuses where taught

Online Innovation & Technology Program [PSOIT] in Online

Modality and duration

  • Modality: online
  • Duration: 5 months


  • English

Intakes and prices

  • Intakes 10/2022: € 4.900


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