A focus on prestige, quality, and fair value

At ESIC we understand that in the current climate, making a significant investment is not something to be taken lightly, which is why we believe in price transparency for all of our courses.

The cost of each course can be consulted in the explanatory sections of our website, but we would also like to:

  • Provide details of everything included in our prices
  • Offer our students different payment and financing options
  • Explain why different prices apply to the same course depending on where it is taught
  • Specify how we use the profits generated at our school


  • Tuition fees (teaching staff, administration, etc.)
  • Use of facilities (ESIC Pozuelo): 24 hours/7 days/365 days
  • Canteen/self-service cafeteria for students, under certain conditions
  • Accident insurance for students.
  • Education insurance in case of death or disability of the head of the household*1.
  • A personal tutor (personalised follow-up for students)
  • Additional language training. The possibility of officially certifying your level of English through official exams within the school.
  • Access to the Employment and Internships Office, with personalised services to help students and alumni to obtain work or find a better job throughout their career.
  • Examination fees and diploma issuance.
  • The possibility of working as a trainee in any of the ESIC departments.
  • Specific training on ethical values in business.
  • The chance to take part in exchanges, gain credits, study abroad, etc. in a large number of foreign universities and a wide range of countries.
  • The chance to form part of a large network of contacts through the Alumni Association.
  • Access to a specialised library where you can consult a broad selection of books, journals, studies and papers. Specialised in all areas of business.
  • Direct and preferential access to ESIC Publishing House.
  • Access to the Computer rooms: students have access to computers, printers and free Wi-Fi in all our facilities.
  • A multimedia classroom fully equipped with lighting, sound, and filming equipment, including Chroma keying tools and high definition (HD) Panasonic cameras.
  • Free training activities through seminars, conferences, master classes, etc.
  • Preferential access to specialised courses in a wide variety of topics such as: photography, sound, creativity, use of major graphic design tools, digital communication tools, etc.
  • Access to the main university sporting competitions (Complutense League, Internal League) for a large number of sports: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, padel tennis, golf, etc.
  • Theatre.
  • Christian discussion group.
  • Rooms for individual study and group work.
  • Entrepreneurship Centre.
  • Practical workshops on professional development.
  • Outdoor Programme *2
  • Business simulator *2
  • Voluntary access, under special conditions, to a 10 day Study Tour in Brazil or China. *2
  • Access to the ESIC virtual classroom. *2
  • One year’s free membership to the ESIC Alumni Association.

Important notice: This list of resources is not yet available in all ESIC schools, since at present we are unable to offer the same services everywhere (this is due to the difference in student numbers and facilities at each site), but we are working to ensure that all the basic requirements and services are available in all ESIC campuses.

*1 Only in Bachelor’s degree courses
*2 In some Graduate Studies and Master’s courses


With the aim of promoting access to quality education, we offer students different payment and funding options so that financial concerns need not present an obstacle to education.

Most of our courses can be paid for in quarterly or monthly instalments, with no need for a bank loan. Of course, fees can also be paid in cash, in which case a 3% discount applies for early payment. We have also signed several agreements with various financial institutions so that we can offer our students exclusive loans, over three to five years, with a two-year maximum grace period and preferential interest rates.

Furthermore, we offer students the possibility of applying for scholarships provided by public and private entities or for ESIC internal scholarships, which grant discounts of up to 20% on certain courses and for certain groups and 10% for associated alumni in all long-term courses.

Our alumni are very important to us and we consider it vital to support their personal and professional development, which is why we promote continued education by providing them with discounts, on short-term courses, of 15% to 35%, depending individual cases.

What is more, once they have started their degrees, our students can opt for the “Excellence Awards”, which recognise their academic and personal strengths.

On top of all this, we organise competitions, contests, prizes, etc. that award different scholarships aimed at promoting the education of exceptional students with entrepreneurial curiosity and spirit.

Espiga Scholarships are also available for people who suffer discrimination based on their gender, political beliefs or economic situation, and scholarships from the Carolina Foundation are available to people from Latin American countries.

Important notice: In order for financial assistance to reach the greatest possible number of students, each person may only apply for one scholarship. It is therefore important that you spend sufficient time examining the different options before deciding which to choose. The scholarships and discounts are not cumulative. The cost of tuition fees is exempt from discounts in the scholarship schemes.

For the full list of scholarships and assistance options + INFO


Because ESIC has always believed in the maxim, “think global, act local”.

Because with the aim of ensuring top quality training in the whole of Spain, ESIC decided to open campuses in practically all the provincial capitals. This has enabled us to analyse and discover more about the different realities in our country, the different markets we have to cater for in order to meet the goals of the ESIC mission and offer the same opportunities to students and professionals regardless of where they live.

Establishing a national and local faculty and centralising certain services has enabled cooperation among the different ESIC sites and adjustment of prices to different local conditions.


ESIC is a non-profit school, which means all the profits made through our courses are channelled into social projects through the religious institution Orden de los Padres Reparadores SCJ (Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus).

Furthermore, through the Orbayu Foundation, ESIC promotes, sponsors and manages fund-raising and the granting of mini loans to fund the launch of local development projects in the poorest areas of Latin America and Africa.

We support various volunteer and cooperative projects, in which students, teachers and employees actively participate.


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Avenida de Valdenigrales s/n, Pozuelo de Alarcón. 28223 Madrid, España. 91 452 41 67.

© 2020 ESIC Business & Marketing School. CIF: R2800828B.
Avenida de Valdenigrales s/n, Pozuelo de Alarcón. 28223 Madrid, España. 91 452 41 67.