Associations of MBAs Accredited.

Established in 1967, and based in London, the Association of MBAs is an impartial and equitable organization that grants global accreditations to business education institutions on postgraduate management. They are one of the three main worldwide accreditation bodies, and are committed to enhancing the quality standards of business education for the benefit of all the stakeholders: business schools, students and alumni, and employers. Their accreditation service constitutes the global standard for all MBA, Master, and DBA programs. Currently AMBA accredit programs from the top 2% of business schools in over 70 countries.

AMBA has awarded their accreditation to four ESIC programs: Executive MBA, International MBA, MBA and MBM. This recognition denotes the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education, which is a core value our School has had deeply ingrained since its foundation in 1963.

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