Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management + Degree in Global Marketing Management
Open admission term 2019/20

ESIC, as a centre associated to the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, offers a Degree in Business Administration and Management, an official degree that is highly acknowledged by the business world and will enable you to face any business challenge, facilitating access to wide range of jobs and preparing you for management responsibilities in any national or international organisation.

The Degree + Advanced Degree will give your CV a competitive edge, due to its level of specialisation and the knowledge it provides.

What is it?

To be a good manager, it is indispensable to know how all the areas of a business work, the general objectives and context as well as being able to responsibly contribute to the activities it carries out and improve results.

The Degree in Business Administration and Management will prepare you to take on these tasks with the maximum responsibility and efficacy.

In addition, ESIC incorporates specific additional training for marketing and commercial management, to provide you with the best To be a good manger tools and skills to handle any business challenge.

Who is it for?

  • Students who wish to work in the business world, dedicated to company coordination and management.

  • Students with an entrepreneurial spirit. The degree provides them with all the tools needed to create and manage a company.

  • Logical-analytical skills. The degree will prepare you for market analysis and its demands.

  • Digital economy. Incorporating training elements related to digital economy and the use of new technologies.

To work in...

This degree will enable you to face any challenge in the business world, giving you the opportunity to access numerous business positions. Here are some of the positions that students who have obtained this degree currently occupy:

  • CEO
  • SME manager
  • Director of planning
  • Company consultant and advisor
  • CFO
  • HR manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Commercial manager
  • Market analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Product or sales manager
  • Key account manager

Why study in ESIC?

Our special relationship with companies means we have been training professionals for the corporate world and marketing since 1965.

Teaching staff comprised of professionals of recognised prestige.

12 campuses in Spain and strategic alliances in 4 continents.

International outreach.

Internships and job pools.

Professional degree service during your entire working life.

Scholarships, grants and finance as well as an insurance policy for finishing studies.

Entrepreneurial centre.

ESIC Languages. We prepare candidates and we are an official examining centre for the Cambridge English language exams.

Alumni. We constitute the largest community of former business and marketing students in Spain.

with our pre-university activities

Open Days

Open door days.

Desafío junior

Groups of students and their teacher compete, simulating the business world by creating their own company.


Sessions for pre-university students and companies.

Jornadas orientaciíon universitaria

The event that shows you the professions with more future. Everything you do not know about the company, marketing and digital business.

Summer Camp

5 days full of meetings and activities that will help you to make the most important decision of your professional life.

Young Businness

A business simulator that will enable you to practice decision-making in a company.

Degree Title: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management (URJC)

Type: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management (URJC) + Degree in Global Marketing Management (ESIC)

Duration: 4 years + 1 year

Language classes are taught in: English and Spanish

How to get there: Madrid

Training type: In classroom

Credits Total Nº: 240 credits for the Degree in Business Administration and Management (URJC) and 120 additional credits for the Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management

Academic year the course started: 2016/2017

Nº Seats Available: 210

Classroom Schedules:
- Course 1º and 2º Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:30
- Courses 3º, 4º and 5º Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 21:30

Rama de Conocimiento a la que aplica el Título: Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas

Documentación del Programa

Curricular studies
Degree in Business Administration and Management + DGMM

[GRADE] + ESIC’s Diploma in Profesional Skills




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with more than 120 Universities around the world

+ 500 students participating every year in international programmes

Top in business and sector rankings

Worldwide presence in 40 countries

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Avenida de Valdenigrales s/n, Pozuelo de Alarcón. 28223 Madrid, España. 91 452 41 67.

© 2019 ESIC Business & Marketing School. CIF: R2800828B.
Avenida de Valdenigrales s/n, Pozuelo de Alarcón. 28223 Madrid, España. 91 452 41 67.