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LIFELONG LEARNING DIGITAL: Digital Entrepreneurship


24 de Ene del 2016 | de a


ESIC Pozuelo

In this workshop you will learn all the basics you should know to start something up the right way.

The path to success is a challenging and perilous one. However, it is also very enlightening and rewarding. In this workshop you will learn what to expect on this path and some general guidelines that will help you travel it to the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success.

We will start the very ning; why would I want to build a startup? And go through all main things that you should know before building a startup, changing your life forever…


Why should you start a startup?

How to build a startup right:

A great idea

An awesome product

An A team

Superb execution

Getting initial traction

Growing your user base

Bootstrapping vs. external funding

Other things you should consider before starting a startup

Richard Gracia

CEO & Founder de ESLife

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