Del Tuesday, 4 de July de 2017 al Wednesday, 5 de July de 2017

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Martes 4 de 9.30 a 14.00 y de 15.00 a 18.30 h. y miércoles 5 de 9.30 a 13.30 h.

Marketing, key selling points in B2B


A large number of companies develop their activities in the Business to Business environment. The enhancement of sales in the industrial market requires knowledge of Operations Area, which will allow establishing a good Marketing policy.

This strategy must be based on the needs knowledge of the industrial customer, which are very different the needs of the final consumer. For this we must go deeper in another type of Marketing: Industrial Marketing.

A key factor in the industrial sales strategy will be how to merge the R&D Department with the Marketing Department to cover the specific needs of the customer, since the industrial market requires customized solutions.

A quién va dirigido:

For all those professionals interested in developing and improving their potential skills in the area of industrial marketing: entrepreneurs, managers or directors of SMEs, marketing, commercial and sales managers, commercial delegates, product managers, directors of R&D and, in general, professionals interested in the BtoB environment.


Develop the most important know-how, tools and competences for sales promotion in the B2B environment, highlighting:

  • Strengthen the professional profiles of industrial companies, through knowledge, tools and skills of the Operations Area.

  • With a multidisciplinary vision, identify the most important analyzes that must be performed and what are the most important aspects to consider in each of them.

  • Review the essential elements of the Industrial Marketing Plan, especially in the business situation and prioritization of activities.

  • Establish a common workflow between Marketing and R&D areas.

¿Por qué en ESIC?

Tendencias y novedades empresariales.


Formatos flexibles: presenciales, online y blended learning.

Actualización de conocimientos y desarrollo de habilidades.

The focus of the seminar is completely practical; the attendees will assimilate the theoretical concepts through presentations. During the seminar, the most important concepts will be worked in a practical way, so as to make the seminar face time 100% profitable.

The learning process is promoted the practical experience developed in the face-to-face of the seminar, with the aim of maximizing participation and assimilation of knowledge, as well as providing feedback that allows a proactive attitude.