Teams with 2 or 3 participants + 1 professor (optional).

The competition is divided into 4 phases:

The first 3 are on-line (initial phase-knockout; quarterfinals, semifinals) and last 2 months + a final on-site phase (grand final in Madrid), that lasts 1 intensive day.


The results will depend on the way you manage your company, and your decisions and those of the competition will determine them.

A methodology that is very similar to real business that will help you to live a “real life international gaming” experience

Do you have what it takes?

What will you have to do during the competition?

  • You will have to make strategic decisions across all areas of the company that you will establish, demostrating your know-how..
  • First of all, you will have to study market conditions and decide on what type of company you want (Premium, Generalist, Low Cost, Hybrid, etc).
  • You will compete in a market consisting of 6 companies -including yours- from anywhere in the world (Simulation Phases).
  • Each company will have to prepare a management plan covering a one-year period into the future, starting from the same situation (Balance Sheet) and with the same data (Scenario).
  • You will have to enter your decisions in the GMKC Simulator.
  • Once the deadline has expired, the tool will process all the information and provide the results..
  • At that point, you may study the said results and act accordingly, repeating the process week after week..

Classification Criteria:

  • Each phase will start with zero profits.
  • The classification system is based on accumulated profits, which corresponds to the sum of profits during each phase.
  • The team that generates the highest accumulated profit will be classified as first.
  • The classification continues in order of highest to lowest, to the team that has obtained the lowest profit accumulated in each phase.