Futuro simple: Will

1.- Not sure to happen

With: «I think, hope, expect, probably and maybe».

She´ll probably phone later.

2.- Predictions about future

The climate will change in the future.


Peticiones: Will you help me with my homework?.

Promesas: I won´t forget to give you a present.

Ofrecimientos: I´ll buy you a sandwich if you´re hungry.

Decisiones hechas en el momento de hablar: That´s the phone ringing… I´ll get it!

Going to

1.- Predictions about future based on present evidence

Look at the clouds! I´m sure it´s going to snow.

2.- Plans and intentions

I´m going to study Biology at university.

Present Continuous.

I´m seeing the dentist tomorrow, I arranged it yesterday.

Present Simple

Our train leaves at 10:30


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