Commonly confused adjectives

«Many» and «Much»
«There are not many houses to rent in this tittle town». «There is not much sugar left, someone will have to buy more».

«Few» and «A few»
«Francis has few problems with family». «Francis has a few problems with his familiy».

«Little» and «A Little»
«Jon knew Little of what was going to happen». «There was a Little soup left in the pot».

«Each» and «Every»
«Each student has to bring a pencil to the classroom».»We have a break from work every two hours, so it´s not too bad.

«Injured», «Wounded» and «Hurt».
«She won´t play the finals since she´s injured». «The soldier was wounded».
«Nobody was hurt during the earthquake»

«Farther» and «Further»
«The beach is still farther away, but you can smell the sea from here». «For further information about the safety protocols, please read the instructions carefully».

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