Y seguimos aprendiendo… The Futures. Ways of referring to the Future.

Will.  Ej. I´ll just go and get may coat.  = an immediate decison about what you are going to do.

Will. Ej. You´ll be sick if you eat more chocolate. = a general prediction.

Be going to. Ej. I´m going to stop in a minute. = a personal intention.

Be going to. Ej. Look out! We´re going to hit the car in front. = a prediction after looking at what is happening now.

Present Continuous. Ej. We´re meeting at the café. Want to join us?. = fixed plans/ arrangements.

Present Simple. Ej. The coach leaves in ten minutes. = an Unalterable arrangement or fact.

Will + Continuous. Ej. We´ll be working on this until the end of the year. = an activity that Will be happening during a period in the future.

Will + Continuous. Ej. I´ll give your letter to him – I´ll be seeing him later. = an action that Will happen because it is regular or decided.

Will + Perfect. Ej. We´ll have driven over five hundred miles by the time we get there. = an event that Will be finished before a specified time in the future.

Will + Perfect Continuous. Ej. We´ll have been living  here for ten years next May. = a state of affairs in progress for a period up to a specified time in the future.

Be + to-infinitive. Ej. He is to be given an award. You´re to stay here until you´ve apologised = an oficial arrangement or order.




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