Private Policy about Personal Data
Information: Escuelas de Estudios Superiores ESIC Congregacion de Sacerdotes del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus PP. Reparadores (ESIC Business & Marketing School).
Location: Av. De Valdenigrales, s/n. 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid).
NIF: R2800828B.
Phone number: 914524100.
Data Protection Officer: For any inquiries related to Data Protection at ESIC, please contact

Objective: The correct and lawful administration of your admissions application and subsequent academic relationship with the School, and the proper use of your personal data, which includes its use for graduation purposes, textbooks, academic publications, online or printed material used for School promotion, etc. In addition, our goals include providing academic services that enhance the user experience while participants enjoy the advantages of belonging to the ESIC Community.
Period: Once your academic relationship with ESIC has concluded, you authorize us to use your basic information, in order to maintain your academic record and continue informing you about benefits for alumni, events, surveys, rankings, or any other news that might be of interest to members of the ESIC Community. If you no longer wish to receive information about our activities, you can request the suppression of your personal data.
Profile Creation: Academic and commercial profiles are created in order to provide the students with a greater experience at our School, while informing them of the Schoolīs activities and other advantages that might be of interest to any member of the ESIC community. No automated protocols are made using these profiles.

Legal Aspects: From the beginning of the admission process, the applicant expresses his or her desire to join the ESIC Community and, therefore, be informed of the events and news related to the School. Upon enrollment, the student establishes a contractual relationship with ESIC that includes the delivery of academic services, and that authorizes the School to proceed to the treatment of the data provided in order to improve the experience of the students. Students must also provide family contact information to be used for academic, disciplinary or medical issues that might arise.
Data Requirement: It is mandatory for the student to provide the data requested in the forms given by the School, in order to be used to improve the academic experience and programsī delivery. ESIC will not request any data that is not useful for said objective.
Consequences of not providing the requested data: If the requested data is not provided, ESIC will not be able to deliver the services established in the academic relationship contract.

ESIC shall not transfer the candidateīs data to third parties, except for record transfers, conduction of surveys, or elaboration of rankings, for which you indicate your consent. In the case of an academic exchange, you give your consent for us to transfer your academic data to the host university.
Data Transfer: ESIC shall not transfer the candidateīs data to third parties, however, if a student requests a record transfer, it is necessary for him or her to provide the requested information. This information shall be transferred to third parties (basic information, such as name, last name, email, etc.) so that students can take part in surveys and rankings (which are not mandatory, and which students can refuse to take part in.) These companies shall also contact students to offer their services.
International Transfers: International transfers may be applied to ESIC students who are part of an international exchange program, such as Erasmus, Munde, etc. In these cases, the host university will have the studentīs personal data (provided by them during the enrollment process); ESIC will provide these universities with the additional academic data in order to complete the academic record of its students. International data transfers shall also be applied in the cases detailed in the first layer; including transferring data to institutions that conduct surveys, academic publications, and rankings.

Rights: The student has the right to access, rectify, restrict, and object to the processing of their personal data as detailed in the additional information section.
Exercise of rights: You can exercise your rights by sending a letter to ESIC BUSINESS & MARKETING SCHOOL (to the address provided in the Institution section) or by contacting the ESIC Customer Service (by clicking the link provided in the Institution/Contact section). Please remember to add the following information in the mentioned contact letter or form: an explanation of your petition, your contact address, and if required, the necessary documents to support your petition. If you need more information about Data Protection, please contact the AGDP HERE
Contact the AEPD: The student may present a complaint before the AGDP if ESIC does not respect his or her rights HERE

All data are provided to ESIC by the candidate.
Family Data: All data collected during the admissions process will only be used for contact and the proper tracking of the studentīs activity at ESIC (interviews, insurance, communications, disciplinary incidents or any other similar activity.)