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Blog influence and political activism: An emerging and integrative model

Septiembre 2017, Vol. 21 nº 2

J. Sánchez-Villar, E. Bigné, J. Aldás-Manzano

Internet has elicited a new decision making process in the area of political marketing thanks to the emergence of new communication tools. This paper focuses on weblogs as pioneer players on Web 2.0 in order to ascertain their actual sphere of influence on individuals’ political behaviour. Focusing on the case of weblogs and assuming a wide and integrative theoretical approach, a hybrid model which merges marketing, technology and political science is proposed and tested using a sample of 39 weblogs and 890 blog users in an innovative attempt to shed light on these virtual-physical dynamics. The results are promising and open the door to the comprehension of a new, emerging framework Internet tools are intended for a major, critical role in the political arena.


Political marketing, Internet, Weblogs, Web 2.0, Political behaviour.

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