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Introducing Personal Social Responsibility as a key element to upgrade CSR

Septiembre 2017, Vol. 21 nº 2

S. López Davis, L. Marín Rives, S. Ruiz de Maya

Corporate Social Responsibility has emerged as a response to the increasing demand of societies to have more responsible, ethical, transparent and respectable public and private organizations. However, these corporate strategies cannot be a reality without a parallel evolution on individual responsible behaviors, aligned with the claimed premises and values that are gaining space in the social and economic fields. Although literature on consumer behavior has correctly addressed new tendencies of ethical consumption during the last decades, citizens should be responsible not only of their purchasing choices, but also of the influence that their daily acts and decisions will have on the economic, social and environmental spheres of life. This article introduces Personal Social Responsibility as a new concept, based on the concepts of Corporate and Consumer Social Responsibility, providing a theoretical framework as a starting point for future empirical research.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Social Responsibility, Personal Social Responsibility, Theoretical framework, Ethics

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