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Efectos de la responsabilidad social corporativa sobre la satisfacción del consumidor con la marca

Septiembre 2016, Vol. 20, nº 2

J.J. Rivera, E. Bigne, R. Curras-Perez

Using two different studies we assess under what conditions Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) affects consumer satisfaction. In the first study, based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, and a content analysis of CSR initiatives reported by 65 US companies, findings show a positive direct relationship between CSR and customer satisfaction with CSR training and environmental initiatives, but a negative direct relationship between CSR corporate communication initiatives and customer satisfaction. The second study, through an empirical study based on an online survey of consumers, points to a positive relationship between CSR and customer satisfaction. Our findings suggest a direct and an indirect route for this relationship through brand attitudes. These apparently divergent, but complementary results, between the two studies are explained by the different conceptual approaches that underline the CSR communication processes and the relationship between consumers and brand. Our findings also suggest that public policies on CSR visibility must be reviewed.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer satisfaction, Brand attitude, Corporate communication, Content analysis

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