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Evaluación, señalización y disposición a pagar por la trazabilidad. Una comparativa internacional

Septiembre 2016, Vol. 20, nº 2

D. Calvo Dopico, R. Mendes, H.A. Silva, V. Verrez-Bagnis, R. Pérez-Martín, C.G. Sotelo

This study aims to investigate the benefits associated with traceability and its relationship to quality. Market research has been conducted in Spain, Portugal, France, UK and Germany. The results show that the expected benefits for consumers related to traceability focus on food safety and quality. Relevant information about traceability should focus on the intrinsic quality attributes highly valued by consumers and food safety. Among them, it highlights the origin, the value of which has been highly appreciated by most consumers in different countries. As regards signalling, consumers rate labelling very favourably, which would have to offer all relevant information on the intrinsic quality attributes. The implementation of technology (e.g. QR) could favour the perception and recognition of the intrinsic attributes related to quality, food safety and sustainability. Regarding willingness to pay (WTP), the majority of consumers in Spain and Portugal are not willing to pay a premium for the implementation of a traceability programme, while a significant part of the population of France and Germany would be willing to pay a premium for implementing a traceability programme.

Keywords: Labelling, Signal, Consumer behaviour, Traceability, Quality

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