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Crisis or opportunity? 5 things we've learned in a coronavirus crisis

Crisis or opportunity? 5 things we've learned in a coronavirus crisis

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  • Enero 2020

A crisis such as the one we are experiencing teaches us that everything can be turned upside down at any moment. The situation changes radically, but the brands must adapt to it in order to survive.

You learn from everything. They say that even the worst situations are the ones from which the greatest learning takes place. I think so too: we learn, or rather, we should not forget what we have learned in adverse situations.

A complex environment makes us more skilled, more alert and more creative. Now more than ever we must perceive all those ideas that help us set our goals to get out of this turbulent moment.

To do this we must never take anything for granted. In times of crisis we must learn a lot and compare what we were with what we are in order to project what we will be in a clearer way and according to the new normal.

The new normality is those new rules of the game that are going to make the difference between brands and consumers who adapt to them and those who do not. It is tremendously complex, since we continue to learn, but we can appreciate what we are learning from this situation.


So that we can start filling our backpacks with knowledge, in this article I am compiling five lessons that we can already intuit. Shall we start?

1. Adapting customer services

Now more than ever the focus is on the client, who is the real protagonist. Brands must attract their attention, seek their loyalty and satisfy their needs and desires.

We live in times of great uncertainty, insecurity and fear. Brands and their services must be close to customers, and communication between them is especially important. This must be optimal, clear and direct, without detours or tricks.

We are back to a time of naturalness, closeness and sincerity. We have all been affected by this reality to a greater or lesser extent and we want people - and brands - to be close to us and to be true.

How do I do this? Think with common sense. It is not easy, but it will give you many answers. Then, take advantage of the digital channels, which are solving a lot of so well to solve this situation.

2. Be aware of the importance of climate change

Months ago, this was the theme par excellence. We were working on it with more conviction than ever, there was debate and it seemed to be the beginning of an important change of mentality.

Now, after the dry spell of these weeks, we realize that yes, it is vital and urgent that we focus on respect and care for our environment.

We see how pollution levels are falling and nature is starting to revive itself in many places. Due to the cessation of activity, our quality of life can improve. Interesting.

How do I do it? Plan your new strategies according to a better performance and a lower environmental impact. It is a duty we have as brands and as a society. Consumers are aware of it and will reward it.

3. External and internal communication

We know this, but we tend to forget it: our customers are just as important as our team. Direct, transparent and continuous communication is vital to form a unit and a compact block.

Brands are largely the team behind them. If this team is united, motivated and committed to your brand, the involvement will be maximum and will favor better results.

Remember that this team is the brand's first customer. The communication flow towards the workers is essential. We must bear this in mind, as they are a fundamental part of the strategy.

How do I do it? Establish internal communication strategies that mark a close and fluid relationship. The team must be informed or, at least, make its members feel that they are being taken into account in the day-to-day running of the organization.

4. Will teleworking be encouraged?

By force, but it has come into our lives. Teleworking is another major player in this situation. A large percentage of tasks can be carried out more or less regularly without the need to be physically present and this crisis is proving it.

Adapting work to the new productive systems is a real opportunity that is being experienced during these weeks. We realize that it can be done, that it has advantages and that it is a reality that is here to stay.

From here on, strategies, rules, methods... will be established that stipulate how teleworking can be done, but there is no turning back.

How do I do it? If it works, don't eliminate it. The advantages of teleworking for many companies are unquestionable. Conciliation, flexibility or greater creativity are some of them. So, try to improve the ways of teleworking to get a better performance of the tasks and results.

5. Together we are stronger

I did not want to forget one of the most important lessons of this crisis: unity. Incredible connections have been created between brands and consumers, and also between brands themselves to achieve essential social goals.

In a way, we are more united than ever. We are aware that the situation is serious, that it has made us vulnerable in every way, and that we will only come out of it if we remain united.

When we do get out, let us not forget this. If we are a united society, we will show these values to our children and we will become better people.

How do I do that? By integrating social values, promoting unity and truly transmitting cohesion between people, employees, consumers and other brands. There are many possibilities, but the stimulus will be the union as opposed to individualism.


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