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Innovation in the reception and collection of packages, key for the new digital consumption

Innovation in the reception and collection of packages, key for the new digital consumption

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  • Marzo 2020
Paco Lorente

Paco Lorente

Docente internacional de Marketing en España (ESIC) y Colombia (ESUMER). Ingeniero Técnico en Diseño Industrial; Ingeniero en Organización Industrial; Máster en Dirección de Marketing y Diplomado en Pedagogía y Didáctica de la Educación Superior. Director Creativo de Sinaia Marketing. Premio al Mejor Blog de Marketing en español 2015.

Changes are real opportunities for reinvention that we should view with great enthusiasm. It is up to us to learn, grow and evolve towards new mechanisms that bring us, both consumers and companies, closer to the new reality that has just arrived.

Companies must react in an agile, dynamic way to the shifts that take place in their environment. This will facilitate their adaptability and competitiveness in a scenario full of uncertainty and immediacy.

The unexpected onslaught of COVID-19 has been, and is still proving to be, a major blow to many industries, brands and consumers. Sudden changes in consumption, whether forced or chosen, mean that systems are being implemented to adapt to new standards, products, services and methods.

One of the key changes has been consumption through e-shopping. Carrying out this task without leaving home has greatly boosted orders during the quarantine period, which has, in turn, entailed a major strain on staff and equipment and on the procedures for receiving and collecting merchandise.

Consumers have chosen to shop safely and comfortably from home. Firms are focusing their sales on the digital channel and, at the same time, courier service companies are strengthening their operations and protocols to meet the emerging demand.


Therefore, logistics companies must prepare themselves and adapt to new forms of interaction to achieve clean and safe procedures. Traffic, pollution and failed deliveries will increase in number, having an impact on the whole area, which must be taken into account and tackled with creative and innovative measures.

This sector is facing an exciting challenge that will undoubtedly mark the future in the coming years. We are fortunate to have experienced such significant changes.

For example, products and services such as smart lockers are flexible and very practical solutions to add efficiency and effectiveness to the industry in times of high demand. Some solutions such as Amazon Locker allow the delivery of Amazon orders in a safe and easy way, guaranteeing a 24/7 collection with complete peace of mind.

Other services such as Citibox allow for the delivery of packages to lockers located in common areas of residential or office buildings. This ensures delivery and that contact is kept to a minimum.

Moreover, there are also customized solutions such as Deliberty Prime Mailbox, which offers the possibility of having a dedicated mailbox at home where you can receive an order without having to be present.

These are new forms of interaction between parcel companies, delivery companies and customers to give meaning to the new reality of the sector and consumption in our country. There are still many questions to be answered, but creativity will guide us to take this vital sector towards a much more efficient and socially responsible model.

Such solutions for receiving and collecting parcels are real, but there are still outstanding issues such as hygiene, sustainability and safety and security. These are attributes that leave the field completely open to new proposals in the immediate future.

Undoubtedly, we will be keeping a very close eye on the evolution of this incredible new model.


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