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graduate programs


As places on the programs are limited, candidates are encouraged to submit their application packages early in the academic year, ideally 6 to 9 months before the start of the programme. The 4-stage admission process is explained below:

  • The complete application package should be sent to ESIC in order to start the admission process. Details and supporting document can be found here.

  • The Admissions Board assesses each application package and makes recommendations based on the academic requirements and on the candidate’s overall suitability for the program (please see the program’s brochure for more details).

  • Candidates recommended by the Admissions Board are invited for a personal interview (usually on Skype)”. For IMBA and MBA, after the personal interview (usually on Skype) candidates recommended by the Admissions Board are invited to take a skills and knowledge test; the latter can be waived on the basis of GMAT scores.

  • Successful candidates receive a letter offering admission. The complete process may take up to 30 days.


The application form can be downloaded from here

  • Copy of the passport

  • Two passport-sized photos

  • CV

  • A degree transcript giving final degree result and breakdown of individual subjects and grades (in English or Spanish). Copies should be authenticated/notarized.

  • GMAT scores (only for the IMBA and MBA). Applicants not in possession of GMAT scores will be invited to take a skills and knowledge examination developed by ESIC. Chinese nationals instead of GMAT scores should provide the results of the National Entrance Examination for MBA programmes established by China’s government, for more information and minimum requirements of the National Entrance Examination for MBA programmes in China please contact

  • Proof of command of the English language, mainly IELTS or TOEFL IBT results (minimum 6.5 and 95 respectively). Applicants not in possession of any of these proofs can do a language test at ESIC.

  • Two reference letters.


Applicants need to submit the following two 500-word essays before the interview:

  • Personal statement: a critical analysis on the programme’s potential contribution to the applicant’s personal and professional development.

  • Professional statement: the admission office will provide the guidelines at the moment of the invitation for the interview.

The interview will last 30 minutes and will be arranged with the programme´s director.

For more info about the admission process, click here.

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