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In addition to the classrooms and multimedia rooms, there are several work rooms of about 15 m2 each, with desks and suitable layouts for teamwork.

Study rooms consist of three independent units with an area of 52 m2 which offer the students facilities and resources to work in the different fields of multimedia design. The activities to be developed by the Multimedia Classroom are as follows:

• Multimedia workshop for advanced studies
The Multimedia Classroom has ample space, where professional work can be accomplished in the video editing, television, radio and graphic design.

• Planning of courses and seminars
The Multimedia Classroom will have a permanent program of highly practical courses, designed to meet the professional expectations demanded by the current market. These courses and seminars will be taught by professionals and teachers in the different areas of digital design and production.

The classrooms vary from 47 to 57 m2 in size and have the technical means (computer, internet connection, ceiling-mounted data projector, projection screen) necessary for the different subjects teaching.

In addition, the Language Department has three conference-rooms of 45 m2 and three Seminar Rooms of approximately 15 m2.

Furthermore, there is a replacement service that guarantees substitutions of equipment in case of breakdown (laptops, mobile guns, etc. as well as TV monitors with video, as necessary.)

Wi-Fi is available throughout the school to university community members (students, PAS and PDI) and each conference-room is equipped with the necessary audiovisual material for teaching. All classrooms have internet connections and all required programs to assist the students with the techniques and tools necessary for good training appropriate for the market.

It covers an area of about 9,300 m2 and has capacity for about 300 vehicles.

The new ESIC University Municipal Library was inaugurated in September 2013 and is located in an separate building next to the School. It offers services to ESIC students as well as to any other external university student and has available more than 13,500 specialized publications in marketing, economy, business, etc.

Description of facilities:

• Study rooms with seating capacity for 186 students
• 14 work-rooms with seating capacity for 88 students
• Reading room
• Computer room
• Newspaper and periodicals library

The Lecture Theatre is 190 m2 with a capacity for 200 people, equipped with all the audiovisual equipment as described for the theory classrooms.

The School has a cafeteria and catering service with a capacity of 150 seats allowing up to 300 servings a day to students, teachers, administrative personnel and service staff.

Available on a 2,200 m2 covered area are two multipurpose courts for handball, basketball, indoor football, volleyball, etc. These facilities are equipped with showers and toilets.

MARFA TRAVEL is at your service as a travel agent for any professional or personal reason as well as for organized trips, buying tickets, making reservations for conventions and organizing vacations.

A two-option service is available, one operated by the School staff and the other operated with prepaid cards, with two printer-copiers, one connected to the network with a scanner on floor “0” zone "B" open 24/365. A photocopier on the ground floor (Virtual Library) and a binding service is open during reprographic hours and according to availability.

ESIC’s Publishing house contributes to research and practice in the fields of economics, business, and marketing.

Its constantly renewed catalogue contains more than 500 titles, the authors are renowned professors and practitioners in their field.

It has been publishing professional books on marketing, advertising, sales, human resources, management skills, finance, strategy, economics, maths and statistics for more than 40 years, without neglecting, rigor, experience, research and humor.

The guide-lines are: Professional books, Promulgation, Faculty Research, Exercise books, University Technical Notes, Digital Content, Techno-Scientific Journals.

Activities available for students

ESIC collaborates with different companies specialized in organizing activities for international students whereby they can meet people, interact with other students, practice Language, travel and above all get acquainted with Spain and have fun!

Live the ESIC experience!

Study in Esic, a unique experience

International Induction Week

International students’ experiences

Yue Wang, Alumna Internacional / International Student

Mengqi Huang, Alumna Internacional / International Student

Laura Torres, Alumna Internacional / International Student

Aleksandra Wieczorek, Alumna Internacional / International Student

Daniel Misek, Alumno Internacional / International Student

Lennard Grossmann, Alumno Internacional / International Student


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