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General conditions

1. Registration, price, and payment options.

Full payment for the summer programs should be made by bank transfer to ESIC Idiomas four weeks prior to commencement. Reservation of the course, accommodation, visits and transfers will not be made by ESIC Idiomas until the full amount has been received. ESIC Idiomas reserves the right to cancel admission to the program if the payment deadline is not met. Likewise, ESIC Idiomas will only issue an invitation letter for visa applications once the full amount has been paid.

After receiving the whole amount for the course (and in its case, lodging), ESIC Idiomas will inform the client of the address of his lodgings and will give him a map of Seville with instructions on how to get to ESIC Idiomas as well as his lodgings. The total amount of the quarterly or yearly courses can be paid monthly, quarterly or in one payment.

ESIC Idiomas offers the option of paying the quarterly or yearly programmes in easy monthly payments. In this case, the client will receive the previously described information when ESIC Idiomas has received the first payment. Consult the price list and payment options.

2. Cancellation of the programme by the client.

The student who wishes to cancel his chosen course should contact ESIC Idiomas as soon as possible. The cancellation of the programme will be the cause for an additional charge depending on when said cancellation is notified: 30% of the total, if the cancellation takes place in a period of less than 20 work days; 50% if the notification is less than 15 days and 100% if the client cancels 5 days before the start of the course.

3. Cancellation or modification of the programmes by ESIC Idiomas.

ESIC Idiomas reserves the right to cancel or modify its programmes if the number of participants is less than 6 in the summer programmes and 4 in the open groups. Cancellations could also take place as the result of situations beyond its control or in the case of organisational circumstances which would make its cancellation advisable. The cancellation or modification of the programmes by ESIC Idiomas will be communicated in writing to the student as soon as possible. The student will have the right to the return of the whole amount (in case of cancellation) or the corresponding compensation based on the amount paid (in case of modification) of the programmes.

In case the student does not agree to the conditions of the chosen programme, he should contact ESIC Idiomas as soon as possible for an immediate solution.

At the time of giving up the course, the student will not pay the following month´s payment, upon prior notification to ESIC Idiomas.

4. Making classes up

Classes will only be made up in the unusual case that ESIC Idiomas had to cancel for reasons beyond its control. Classes cancelled by the client or because of holidays will not be made up. Consult the calendar public holidays.

5. Modality change

Once the programme has begun, the student can change his course depending on availability and as long as his level of Spanish is compatible.

6. Leaving the programme

In the case that, once the programme starts, the client decides to quit for any reason, he will have no claim to the amount of money already paid.

7. Suggestions and Complaints

The student will have complaint sheets made available to him. He can also request an interview with his tutor in the given timetable set aside in order to deal with the incident. The students will also have a suggestion box in the Centre and on the Web site where he can express his opinions, proposals and ideas about possible activities in the programme.

8. Spanish customs and norms that must be obligatorily observed during the course of the Spanish programmes

The student should be aware that the way of life and customs in his own country are usually quite different from the Spanish ones and he should adapt himself to them. The student should carry out an obligatory fulfilment of behaviour and discipline in the centre where his programme is and in the family home where he is residing. He will be committed to obligatory attendance of class, observing the established timetables, patterns of behaviour and coexistence with his colleagues and faculty and family. The consumption of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are forbidden.

The student will be expelled from the programme in the case of non-observance of the set rules of the centre and the host family; repeated bad behaviour and breaking of Spanish laws will also be cause for expulsion. In that case, ESIC Idiomas will be forced to expel the student and to start the necessary paperwork for his repatriation. The student will be responsible for the expenses caused by his return to his own country.

9. Information and legal papers

The student who contracts a programme with ESIC Idiomas must have his personal papers in order, passport, identification card, etc.), as well as visas or health certificates. ESIC Idiomas will facilitate the student with all necessary information regarding visas. Nonetheless, the handling and costs will be covered by the student.

10. Procedure for the assessment of client satisfaction

After 7 days from the start of the programme, the student can inform us of his degree of satisfaction through an initial questionnaire where he can assess his first impressions towards the course, the host family, the Spanish way of life, the teacher along with other comments and suggestions.

After 2 weeks from the start of the programme, he can assess the assigned lodgings, the reception by the family, his integration and the installations. At the same time he can inform us of his opinion regarding the installations and services of the Centre as well as the faculty.