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Esic Idiomas

ESIC Idiomas is a training center specializing in foreign languagesand forms part of ESIC Business & Marketing School, a leading Spanish teaching institution.

The center’s suite of programs are designed to equip students for international communication, whether in a professional or academic environment or with personal goals and purposes in mind. These may simply be travel, leisure and culture, or students may wish to formalize their language skills with recognized qualifications.

ESIC’s courses are aimed at businesses and professionals on the one hand, and students of all levels on the other. All our courses will allow you to explore the multi-faceted aspects of learning to communicate in another language.

In today’s world, language skills are the way to stand out in the labor market. The key to success is to choose the right solution at the right time.

Explore these pages to discover how ESIC can help identify the best options for you.