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Case Second chances... Are they for everyone?

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Empresa, Recursos Humanos

1ª edición

Case Second chances... Are they for everyone?

Social marketing applied to social and occupational integration in Valencia

Cristina Santos Rojo Esther Pagán Castaño Javier Pagán Castaño

  • Publicación: Marzo 2022
  • Edición:
  • Páginas: 25
  • Tamaño del libro: 592 KB
  • Formato: ebook.
  • ISBN: 9788418944635
  • ISBN ebook: 9788418944635
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Sinopsis y Contenido

Juan, still unable to return home, continues to search for information at his office. He is motivated and intrigued and needs to set up a meeting with his Human Resources Director and the Director of the Tax and Legal Department as soon as possible. Juan is the CEO of an industrial waste cleaning services company, which has consolidated its position in the Valencian market thanks to its innovative integrated waste management service that includes physical and administrative management, as well as personalised waste minimisation plans. After 10 years of steady growth at the local level, the plan to expand in the region began in 2010. A visit from Vicente, a former master’s degree classmate, has given Juan enthusiasm and a different vision of how to approach the expansion plan. Vicente shared his experience at the law firm where he works, where the entire team spends 10 hours a week providing free services to inmates with no financial resources. Vicente told Juan what it has meant for him to accept this responsibility and the need to raise awareness among more local companies about the potential social impact of focusing on social reintegration. Would Juan be willing to hire people at risk of social exclusion?

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Sobre el autor

Cristina Santos Rojo

Licenciada en Derecho por la Universidad de Valencia. Doctora en Derecho por la Universidad de Valencia. Máster en Publicidad y Comunicación por ESIC. Forma parte del claustro docente de grado y posgrado de ESIC Valencia. Actualmente, forma parte del Departamento de Investigación como docente e investigadora. A nivel profesional ha desarrollado su labor docente en la Facultad de Derecho de Valencia, la Universidad Europea y ESIC. En el campo de la investigación ha enfocado sus últimos trabajos en la innovación docente y el campo del derecho del trabajo.

Holder of a PhD in Law from the University of Valencia, Cristina has a master’s degree in Advertising and Communication and a diploma in Digital Marketing from ESIC. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the ESIC Valencia campus. She currently holds a research position as Core Researcher in the Research Department at ESIC Business & Marketing School. She has extensive experience in public and private universities in Spain and has performed a teaching visit at the University of Munich. Her recent work has focused on teaching innovation and labour law.

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Esther Pagán Castaño

Doctorado en Marketing por la Universidad Jaume I y licenciada en Psicología por la Universidad de Valencia. Máster en Educación Secundaria por la Universidad Jaume I de Castellón. Forma parte del cuerpo docente y del departamento de investigación de ESIC Valencia. Su trayectoria profesional se ha desarrollado en la Fundación Educativa Activa-t en la creación de programas educativos para promover la pedagogía deliberativa en el aula a través de herramientas como el debate. Además, ha trabajado como evaluadora en diferentes proyectos europeos de inserción sociolaboral para colectivos en riesgo de exclusión social.

Holder of a PhD in Marketing from the University Jaume I of Castellón and a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia, Esther also has a master’s degree in Secondary Education from the University Jaume I of Castellón. She is a member of the teaching faculty and the research department at ESIC Valencia. She developed her professional career at the Activa-t Educational Foundation in the creation of educational programmes to promote deliberative pedagogy in the classroom through tools such as debating. She has also worked as an evaluator in different European projects of social and occupational integration for groups at risk of social exclusion.

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Javier Pagán Castaño

Javier is the Director of the Activa-t Educational Foundation, a Corporate Coach, and a PhD student at the Universitat Jaume I. He has completed a leadership and organisational coaching programme at the Institute of Psychosynthesis (London), a master’s degree in coaching and development from the University of Portsmouth (UK) and an International MBA from the Instituto de Empresa and Loyola University Business School. He is also a senior AECOPcertified coach and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Valencia. He has worked as a project leader and team manager in Spain and abroad and is part of the teaching faculty at ESIC Business and Marketing School in the subject of critical thinking.

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