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Young Talent Innovation Telefónica Scholarship

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Comportamiento del Consumidor, Investigación Comercial, Marketing

1ª edición

Young Talent Innovation Telefónica Scholarship

Measuring the Impact of Innovation on Corporations

David Vicente Manzano Pablo Reigosa Domínguez

  • Publicación: Mayo 2022
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  • ISBN: 9788419480040
  • ISBN ebook: 9788419480040
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Sinopsis y Contenido

In this research project we will try to measure the impact of innovation in corporations by using a statistical device known as the Technology Acceptance Model. In order to cover a sample we will focus on Generation Z, which is set to be the future investment force. The objective of the project is to obtain a reliable behavioral pattern and consumer profile acquired through a process of survey research and testing. In these surveys we will measure the relevance of key Industry 4.0 technologies for the selected sample, as well as the most relevant aspects they value when using them. Once the survey has been collected, we will weigh the results and try to interpret the relationships between the different answers, seeking to corroborate the questions posed at the beginning of the project. This work lays the foundations for further research due to the multiple limitations we have encountered, among which time and knowledge limitations stand out. The future project will provide answers to the unknowns that have not yet been corroborated and require complex statistical processes.

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Sobre el autor

David Vicente Manzano

I joined ESIC University in 2017, where I was lucky enough to meet Andrés Gómez Funes, current vice-rector of ESIC University, who was our mentor and tutor during all these years at university, including this final degree project. Now, finally graduated, I am ready to continue my way through the working world, as during my university years I was lucky enough to work at E-voluciona, Real Madrid C.F and Sra Rushmore.

This research project was a great challenge as it gave us the opportunity to work with a great company such as Telefónica and to be able to present our project in this magazine fills us with pride and satisfaction as it is the recognition of the hard work of these months.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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Pablo Reigosa Domínguez

I joined ESIC University in 2017, where I coincided with my colleague David Vicente, who, together with Andrés Gómez Funes, current Vice Rector of ESIC University, carried out this research TFG offered by such a large company as Telefónica, which has allowed us to obtain the Prize for best TFG/TFM awarded by the Camilo Prado Foundation.

I would like to thank my parents and my girlfriend for supporting me all these years of university, and especially the last year of my degree were combining university with my current job as Account Manager at HarBest Market has been hard to bear but very rewarding with the end of a stage and obtaining an award that recognizes the sacrifice.

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