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TY– Thank you, IDK– I don´t know, IKR– I know, right?

LOL– Laughing out loud,

OMG– is Oh my god, an expression of shock or surprise

WTF– Another vulgar but very common expression, standing for «What the f***.

SMH– Shaking my head, an expression of disapproval.

ATM– at the moment

BTW– By the way

FYI– For your information

ASAP– As soon as possible

AFAIK o AFAIR– as far as I know, or recall.

OTOH– on the other hand

TMI– too much information,

NSFW– not safe for work, used to warn people not to open an image or click on a link

IMO, IMHO– In my (humble) opinion

BRB– Be right back

IRL– in real life, as opposed to online

J/K– just kidding, meaning the person is not being serious

YMMV– your mileage may vary.

YOLO– or: you only live once

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