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Positive Agreement:

«Too» (usually at the end) «So» at the begining.

-«I´m in a hurry».

-So am I OR Me too OR I am too.

-«I need to go to the bathroom»

-So do I OR I do too OR Me too.


You can also use these expressions in the second or third person_

-She´s from Spain

-So is he OR He is too

-They´re travelling to Germany

-So are we/ We are too.


You can also express Agreement in negative way

-«I´m not hungry»

-Neither am I OR I´m not either OR Me neither.

-«I don´t want to go to eat tripe»

-Neither do I OR I don´t either OR Me neither.

-you can also use these in the second or third person.

-«Michael doesn´t like sardines»

-Neither does Samantha OR Samantha doesn´t either.


You can also disagree using shorter expressions:

-«I think Donald Trump would be a great president of the United States»

-I disagree OR I don´t think so.

Finally, you can disagree by stating the opposite opinión, sometimes stressing a Word for emphasis.

-«I don´t like vanilla ice cream»

-Well, I do.



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