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Welcome to our professional career and company internship service!

With ESIC you can find a wide range of candidates to cover the talent needs of your company, either for directly contracting or for temporary internships.

Since this department was created, we have been working with a wide range of companies, providing valuable candidates for their recruitment processes.

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In the field of job recruitment
ESIC can provide candidates for any area or hierarchical level. 50 years of experience have enabled us to build up a very heterogeneous catalogue of professionals.

Workplacements/ INTERNSHIPS

In the field of internships (trainees)
ESIC can offer candidates who are currently enrolled in different university careers and masters’ programmes at the School.

We can cater for your needs in all areas (marketing, sales, communication, publicity, finance, human resources, internationalisation, logistics, general management, etc.) as well as offering a wide range of candidates for different hierarchical levels (departmental, middle management, management, general management, etc.).


Reception of the professional profile required by the company.

Recruitment and
pre-selection of candidates by the department, locating people that comply with the profile required by the company.

Once pre-selected, we send the candidates to the company.
The company will interview them as they see fit.

We monitor the entire process, in case it is necessary to make modifications or readjustments, etc.

Final decision of the company is made and ESIC is informed.

What are
the hallmarks of

What are the hallmarks of THE DEPARTMENT?

  • Free service.

  • Rapid response: 48 hours from the reception of the profile.

  • Guaranteed confidentiality and discretion.

  • Rigorous pre-selection of candidates.

  • Solutions throughout the country (service offered in all ESIC schools).

What other things

What other things CAN WE DO TOGETHER?

In addition to this service, ESIC is in constant collaboration with the business world, developing all sorts of activities related to improving the employability of our groups of people: organisation of seminars, workshops, presentations, conferences, resources, better internships, employment events, etc. website uses cookies to obtain statistics about the navigation of its users. If you continue browsing, we will consider that you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More. Accept