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The emergence of ESIC University has brought with it a clear and profound international vision. With this clear objective, the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor Office for International Relations, headed by Vice-Chancellor Dr. Andrés Gómez Funes has been created.


Our role as the Vice-Chancellor Office for International Relations is to contribute to ESIC University student’s transformation during their crucial final education years, which will be the cornerstone for their professional careers. To do so, we offer our students and those of our partner institutions the best possible education and more than 55 years of experience in the educational field to face the challenges that this new era of Globalization and Digitalization poses to them, never forgetting our ethical and responsible values.

It is precisely this global challenge what is driving ESIC University to implement an ambitious international plan in collaboration with our partner universities in the years to come. We will offer the best international experiences in some of the best international universities so that our students and those of our partner universities will acquire knowledge not only from their homeland, but from many other locations. This will exponentially increase student’s understanding of this new era, the challenges it poses and how to solve them in an efficient and successful way, maintaining our ethical and sustainable values, which are the core value of our vision as an educational institution.

We are aiming to create a large and powerful international community that help our students reach their highest potential as professionals, creating and multiplying their international presence, which will help them achieve their goals in this exciting digital and global era which has just started.

To accomplish this goal, we will offer the traditional Student Exchange programs; the Summer Camps at ESIC, where many international students attend; and the Summer Courses on our Partner Universities; in addition, we will also offer the possibility of doing a Double Degree, jointly between a partner institution, both at the undergraduate and post-graduate level.

The added value of these new double-degrees is that at completion of the degree, the student will have studied one year abroad, gaining a much necessary international knowledge; will have had the possibility of doing the internship at our partner’s country; and will receive two different degrees, one from ESIC University and the other from our Partner University.

Please accept our warmest welcome to ESIC University from the Vice-Chancellor Office for International Relations, and the best wishes during these important educational years.


Andrés Gómez Funes

Andrés Gómez Funes, PhD.

Vice-Chancellor for International Relations



Director International Programs

Yasmín Bermúdez

Yasmín Bermúdez

Director of International Relations Office

Pablo Puche

Outgoing Students Manager
Pablo Cansinos

Pablo Cansinos

Incoming Students Manager

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