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The founders of ESIC in 1965 probably asked themselves "why" and "what for" they intended to create an educational institution especially focused on the world of marketing. The answer they gave themselves was: "to help companies develop through analysis and relationship with the markets, that is, through the exercise of marketing", because this discipline had not yet taken root in Spain. The Congregation of the Priests of the Heart of Jesus was aware of the needs of companies to have good professionals whose knowledge was up to date and who could face the challenges of that time.

Half a century later, at ESIC we have once again asked ourselves the same question: Why do we educate? And our answer continues to be inspired by the principles that illuminated the creation of the School, although logically adapted to the challenges presented by a globalized, digitalized and rapidly changing economy.

As an academic institution, our mission is to educate people with a global and integral vision throughout their professional cycle in management, marketing, innovation and digital skills. Our aim is to promote the transformation of students so that they can develop successfully in their professional lives in a responsible manner and become actors of change in organizations and society.

We make our students a promise of transformation. We are interested in the exit profile they offer once they have completed any of our professional training programs. And we want to maintain the relationship with them to respond to the needs they feel throughout their career.

To serve this purpose, ESIC has a teaching staff with a high academic profile and close ties to the business world, 123 strategic agreements with universities and business schools around the world, 12 campuses in Spain, agreements with 2,500 companies to facilitate the employability of our students and an alumni network of more than 66,000 professionals.

Our educational model is a combination of knowledge, values and experiences. As knowledge evolves very quickly, the key is to teach how to learn, to activate the curiosity of the students so that they know how to adapt with agility to an environment in constant motion.

Each student has the opportunity to shape the experience at the School in their own way by combining classroom activities with the mobility facilitated by new technologies. All of us at ESIC, especially the teachers, are by your side to accompany, guide, teach, understand and motivate... in moments of discovery, satisfaction and celebration, but also in moments of doubt, error and pain.

At ESIC we teach to learn and we learn every day with the experience of our people. Welcome to the school of learning.



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