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In our Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing you will incorporate the knowledge and skills necessary to define the marketing strategy, have a global vision of the market, brand management and commercial policies of any company or organization. You will learn the secrets of the most successful campaigns to master the latest trends in digital marketing, we will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to stand out in this highly competitive industry.

You'll build a key professional network that will allow you to go further, connect with expert faculty and passionate peers just like you.

Your future in marketing starts here.


Bachelor´s Degree + 
Specialization Diploma

  • Years 4 years
  • Price 12.000 €
  • Credits 240 ECTS

+ Diploma in Professional Skills

+ Diploma in Digital Tools and Multimedia

Bachelor Degree's
+ Degree

  • Years 5 years
  • Price 13.100 €
  • Credits 375 ECTS

+ Degree in Digital Business

+ Degree in Data Science

+ Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

+ Degree in Sustainability Management



By studying the Bachelor's Degree in Marketing you will enjoy a prestigious academic quality, a practical approach to content and the development of your skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, innovation and networking. 


employability rate
one year after completing
the programme


We know that theory alone is not enough. That's why our programme focuses on applying business concepts and strategies in real situations through group projects and company internships so that you leave prepared to face the challenges of the working world.


At ESIC University, our mission is to transform people, not only by providing them with knowledge, but also by training them in skills and raising their awareness of values throughout their professional life. With this approach, we constitute a learning community adapted to the demands of the times, in order to contribute to the development of a more prosperous, responsible and innovative global society.

University specialized in Marketing and Business

ESIC University is a fully specialized University focused on business, which gives it a great differentiation and prestige in this field, which will have a direct impact on your experience and your future as an Alumni.

Proximity to the business world

ESIC University maintains close ties with the business world, which translates into collaborations and fully updated marketing content in the classroom, brought directly from the most recognized companies.

Professional Networking

The institution provides opportunities to establish contacts and develop strong professional networks through events, conferences, seminars and extracurricular activities, allowing you to create future career opportunities.


The ideal student profile for our Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at ESIC University is one that seeks to immerse themselves in the world of marketing and business management in global and dynamic environments. 

Aimed at understanding society, the market and consumer needs. 

Discover how the Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing gives you the tools you need to understand your customers, create effective strategies and establish lasting emotional connections with your audience.




The ability to develop an annual marketing plan by establishing objectives, strategies and measurable action plans with KPIs.


Manage digital projects in a practical way with the use of the main digital marketing tools: SEO, SEM, web, social networks, e-commerce and Big data.


Connect financial results with marketing investments from the practice of real business cases, being able to make decisions that will directly impact the business.


Development of professional and managerial skills that allow the professional to evolve at the same pace as market disruption, especially in areas such as leadership, communication, innovation, digital transformation, critical thinking... with the limit of ethical values.


In our Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, you will immerse yourself in an academic program designed to provide you with a solid foundation in all the key areas of this constantly evolving discipline. Our educational approach is based on combining theory and practice in a balanced way, so that you acquire both the fundamental theoretical knowledge and the practical skills needed to excel in the field of marketing.


We open the gates of the world to you.

  • From 3rd course onwards
  • Minimum 6-month stays
  • Access to Erasmus, Munde-ESIC and Horizon programs


Discover the academic path that fits your needs.

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

1º semestre

Marketing and Interpersonal Communication Techniques 6 BE
Introduction to Corporations 6 BE
Mathematics Applied to Marketing 6 COM
Economic and Marketing History 6 BE
Corporate Sociology 6 BE
Tecnología en Ciencia de Datos I: Arquitectura de Sistemas 3 P
Organización y Gestión de Datos I: Base de Datos 3 P
Antropología 3 P
The Digital Ecosystem 3 P
Language I 6 P
Chinese I 6 P
Business Models I: Product-Market Fit 3 P
Chinese I 6 P
Introduction to Sustainability 3 P
Chinesse I 6 DPS
Project Planning: Ms Project 3 DDTM
Digital Image Editing: Photoshop 3 DDTM

2º semestre

Introduction to Marketing 6 COM
Computer Science Applied to Marketing 6 BE
Applied Statistics to Marketing 6 COM
Civil Law 6 BE
History of the Commercial Culture and Society 6 BE
Organización y Gestión de Datos II: Curación de Contenidos 3 P
Tecnología en Ciencia de Datos II: Arquitectura de Datos 3 P
Espíritu Crítico 3 P
Digital Art 3 P
Language II 6 P
Chinese II 6 P
Agile Methodologies 3 P
Chinese II 6 P
Global Challenges: From Globalisation to Sustainable Development Goals 3 P
Chinesse II 6 DPS
Vectorial Design and Computer Graphics: Illustrator 3 DDTM
Audiovisual Narrative & Video Editing: Premiere 3 DDTM

1º semestre

Economics I: Microeconomics 6 BE
Economic - Financial Analysis in Marketing I 4,5 COM
Psychology Applied to Marketing 4,5 COM
Strategic Management 4,5 COM
Mercantile Law: Legal Regulation of the Market 4,5 COM
Programación para Ciencia de Datos I: Java / SQL 4,5 P
Pensamiento Social Cristiano 3 P
Robotics 4,5 P
Language II 6 P
Business Models II: Social Entrepreneurship 3 P
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem I 3 P
Critical Thinking 3 P
Stakeholder Engagement 3 P
Social Challenges: Human Rights, Poverty and Inequality 4,5 P
Critical Thinking 3 P
Chinesse III 6 DPS
Motion Graphics & 3D: After Effects 3 DDTM
Information Architecture & UX: Invision, XD, Optimize 360 3 DDTM

2º semestre

Strategic Marketing 4,5 COM
Responsibility and Corporate Social Marketing 6 BE
Economics II: Macroeconomics 6 COM
Economic - Financial Analysis in Marketing II 4,5 COM
Decision-Marking Methods Applied to Marketing 4,5 COM
Labour and Social Security Law 4,5 COM
Programación para Ciencia de Datos II: Python 3 P
Modelación Estadística con R 6 P
Anthropology 3 P
Web Programming 4,5 P
Christian Social Thinking 3 P
Negotiation and Selling Method 4,5 P
Anthropology 3 P
Environmental Challenges: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Waste 4,5 P
Multimedia Software 3 DPS
Anthropology 3 DPS
Creating Webpages: WordPress 3 DDTM
Christian Social Thinking 3 DDTM

Anualº semestre

Modern Language 6 BE

1º semestre

Communication Policy and Digital Advertising 6 COM
Consumer Behaviour 4,5 COM
Product Policy 6 COM
Sales Management 4,5 COM
Market Research I 4,5 COM
Industrial and Services Marketing 4,5 COM
Visualización y Perspectiva de Datos 4,5 P
Ética Empresarial 3 P
Christian Social Thinking 3 P
Web Design 6 P
Personal Competencies I: Personal Brand & Networking 4,5 P
Business Models III: Intrapreneurship 3 P
Interpersonal Skills I: Negotiation, Networking and Partnerships 3 P
Christian Social Thinking 3 P
Creation of Digital Spaces 3 DPS
Critical Thinking 3 DPS
SEO, SEM y ASO: Google Tools, Semrush, Sistrix 3 DDTM
e-Commerce: Prestashop, Magento 3 DDTM

2º semestre

Distribution Policy and Ecommerce 6 COM
Price and Cost Policy 6 COM
Market Research II 4,5 COM
Commercial Negotiation Techniques 4,5 COM
Relational, Direct, and Interactive Marketing 4,5 COM
Applied Information Systems and Data Driven Marketing 4,5 COM
Modelos Predictivos I: Patrones de Consumo 6 P
Software as a Service (SAS) 4,5 P
Business Ethics 3 P
Anthropology 3 P
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem II: Finance and Law 3 P
Narrative Methodologies 4,5 P
Interpersonal Skills II: Leadership, Coaching and Team Management 3 P
Multicultural Management 3 P
Christian Social Thinking 3 DPS
Creative Mindsett 3 DPS
SEO Audits: Screamming Frog, SEO meta in one click 3 DDTM
Anthropology 3 DDTM

1º semestre

Marketing Plan 6 COM
Elective 1 4,5 EL
Elective 2 4,5 EL
Elective 3 4,5 EL
Elective 4 4,5 EL
Academic Recognition of Credits 6 COM
Mindlab 3 DPS
Business Ethics 3 DPS

Anualº semestre

Internship 24 COM
End of Degree Project 6 COM

Electives BDMº semestre

Sales Analysis and Forecast 4,5 EL
New Trends in Marketing and Sales 4,5 EL
Analytics and Metrics of Digital Marketing 4,5 EL
Human Resources Management 4,5 EL
Digital Marketing Strategies 4,5 EL
Global Marketing and International Trade 4,5 EL
Industry-Specific Marketing 4,5 EL
Marketing and Communication Management 4,5 EL
Internal Marketing 4,5 EL
Political Marketing 4,5 EL

2º semestre

Aplicaciones Big Data I: Implementación de Proyectos de Big Data 6 P
Business Intelligence 6 P
Cloud Services Providers 6 P
Data Driven Corporations: Gestión de Datos de Sensibilidad Media 4,5 P
Creation of Digital Spaces 4,5 P
Databases 4,5 P
Design Thinking 4,5 P
Data Driven Marketing 4,5 P
Market Research 4,5 P
Business Ethics 3 P
Business Models IV: Go to Market 3 P
Personal Competencies II: Leading, Self-Managing and Managing Teams 3 P
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem III: Presence at Trade Fairs, Companies, Bootcamps and Awards 3 P
E-Markets 4,5 P
ESIC Garage I: Coach in Teams 6 P
Business Ethics 3 P
Impact Assessment 4,5 P
Enery Transition 4,5 P
Responsible Consumption and Production 3 P
ESIC Service Learning I: Community Volunteering 6 P
Leadership 6 DPS
Digital Footprint 6 DPS
Data Visualization for BSS Intelligence: PowerBi, Tableau 3 DDTM
Customer Management & Community Management: SalesForce 3 DDTM
Business Ethic 3 DDTM
Final Project 3 DDTM

1º semestre

Aplicaciones Big Data II: Implementación de Proyectos de Big Data II 6 P
Aplicaciones Big Data III: Big Data en la Industria 4.0 6 P
Data Driven Corporations II: Gestión de Datos de Alta Sensibilidad 6 P
Aplicaciones Big Data IV: Identificación de Black Ops 6 P
Inteligencia Artificial y Redes Neuronales 6 P
Dashboarding 6 P
Entreprise Resource Planning ERP 6 P
Machine Learning 4,5 P
Advanced Digital Analytics 4,5 P
Digital Talent Management 4,5 P
Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies 4,5 P
Advanced E-Commerce 6 P
Digital Production I 6 P
Global Innovation: Structure, Product and Processes 4,5 P
Elective 1 3 P
Elective 2 4,5 P
ESIC Garage II: Coach in Teams 12 P
Sustainability Management 6 P
Financial Accounting & Reporting 4,5 P
Demographics, Transport and Mobility: Smart Cities 3 P
Interpersonal Skills III: Public Speaking, Debating and Presenting 3 P
New Economy 4,5 P
ESIC Service Learning II: Corporate Social Consultancy 12 P

2º semestre

Modelización de Variables Categóricas 6 P
Modelos Predictivos II: Patrones de Abandono Online 6 P
Modelos Predictivos III: Opinión Pública y Consentimiento 6 P
Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural: Chat-bots 6 P
Neuromarketing Analítico 6 P
Business Intelligence 6 P
Social Media Management 4,5 P
Fintech & Blockchain 4,5 P
ESIC Garage 6 P
Financing Resources for Digital Entrepreneurship 4,5 P
Advanced Digital Business Models 4,5 P
Digital Production II 6 P
Global Mindset 4,5 P
Elective 3 4,5 P
Personal Competencies III: Debating, Public Speaking and Interpretation Techniques 3 P
ESIC Garage III: Coach in Teams 12 P
Corporate Governance 3 P
CSR 4,5 P
Circular Economy 4,5 P
International Scenario: Global Institutions in International Trade and Policy 4,5 P
Sustainable Finance and ESG Investing 4,5 P
ESIC Service Learning III: Social Entrepreneurship 12 P





annual job offers managed by ESIC University


employability rate one year after completing the programme


from internship to employment contract (work placement)


Responsible for the company's brand, you will have to manage its image and make key decisions to manage its reputation, positioning and identity in the market

In charge of managing the company's products, from their creation, development and launch, being in charge of their life cycle and meeting the customer's needs.  

His responsibilities include within social networks the creation and publication of content, interaction with the audience, analysis of metrics and development of strategies to increase engagement and reach on platforms

Professional in charge of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data related to the market in which a company operates through market research, trends, competition, target and environment. Provides key strategic information for the business.

Responsible for managing CRM, a technology system designed to manage customer relationships. As a strategy, it involves focusing on understanding customers' needs and preferences in order to offer them products and services that meet their expectations and foster loyalty.

Person in charge of supporting and overseeing a company's online sales.  Create and implement e-commerce strategies to facilitate customers' shopping experience and optimize sales. Its objective is to drive sales growth and maximize profitability through the e-commerce platform.




ESIC's Professional Development Unit is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to promoting your professional career, whether you are studying in the classroom or as an Alumni. You can count on the UDP if you need to enter the world of work, as they have their own employment site, although they also collaborate with international sites, fairs and career events.

With almost 4,000 work placement offers and more than 2,000 job offers, the UDP has an overall employability rate of 95% for students in the Marketing and Sales area and 100% in the communication area, among others.


University Exchange within the European educational area.

European Union countries.

It can be for one semester or two semesters (one full year) *

For 3rd, 4th and 5th year students. For simple Bachelor’s Degrees, it will be a maximum of a year, either a full year or two separate semesters. For Dual Degrees (Bachelor’s Degree + Degree) it will be a maximum of 3 semesters **

*If the Exchange is for a full year, it must be done in the 3rd year.

**The maximum of 3 semesters could be separated into one semester each year (one semester in the 3rd, one in the 4th and one in the 5th year) or a full year in the 3rd year and another semester in the 4th or 5th year.

The Erasmus scholarship depends on the country of destination.

University Exchange within the non-European educational area.

Asia, Africa, Latin America, America.

It can be for one semester or two semesters (one full year) *

For 3rd, 4th and 5th year students. For simple Bachelor’s Degrees, it will be a maximum of a year, either a full year or two separate semesters. For Dual Degrees (Bachelor’s Degree + Degree) it will be a maximum of 3 semesters **

*If the Exchange is for a full year, it must be done in the 3rd year.

**The maximum of 3 semesters could be separated into one semester each year (one semester in the 3rd, one in the 4th and one in the 5th year) or a full year in the 3rd year and another semester in the 4th or 5th year.

The corresponding amount of the course at ESIC will be paid.

University Exchange in multiple destionations according to agreements.

United States, Ireland and France.

It can be for one semester or two semesters (one full year) *

For 3rd and 4th year students. It will be a maximum of a year, either a full year or two separate semesters.

*If the Exchange is for a full year, it must be done in the 3rd year.

This program entails payment of tuition at the host university and payment of the course fee at ESIC.

The student can look for a destianation of his/her preference to make an agreement and be able to carry out this mobility program in that destination.

University Exchange for students of the Degree in Global Marketing Management and for 5th year students studying a Dual Degree (Bachelor’s Degree + Degree)

All over the world.

One-semester stay for either the 1st or 2nd semester. In the case of Dual Degrees, it can be their third international semester.

Mobility to add and Official Degree from the country of destination by studying abroad for one year.

France, Germany and Amsterdam.

For 3rd year students.

Short-term mobility in summer.

Destinations such as London or the USA

Depending on the destination, the duration varies from 2 to 6 weeks.

  • Official language certificate in which the mobility is to be carried out and, in some cases, a specific certification requested by the host university. The level of the language varies according to the destination and institution.
    • If you are studying a Bachelor’s Degree in English, you must have a minimum level of B2 or equivalent.
    • If you are studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish, you must have a minimum level of C1 or equivalent.
    • For destinations in the United States: TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Depending on the destination or programme, you must have passed all the first-year subjects at the time of application.
  • The application of the chosen mobility program must be made the year before the one in which the mobility is to carried out.

*International destinations with limited places, subject to possible modifications.

All international options have additional costs.


We accompany you throughout the whole process, guiding and advising you to choose the best option for your professional career. These are the steps to follow: 

1 Requirements and

  1. Request information and an appointment with the admissions department.
  2. Send the required documentation scanned to your counsellor before the admission tests.

2 Admission Tests

You can do it in both Spanish and English.

It consists of 3 phases

Lasts approximately 1 hour and a half

  1. Make an appointment
  2. Confirmation
  3. Admission test
  4. Resolution


When do you have to do it?

  1. Once you have passed the admission tests, you will receive a pre-enrolment letter.
  2. Then, you must pay the reservation fee by the deadline indicated to guarantee your place


  1. The registration fee must be paid once the student still needs to meet the university entrance requirements.
  2. Remember that you have the instructions in your pre-enrolment letter. The Undergraduate Student Services Office will inform you of the next steps.


Are you considering a university degree after finishing your VET Cycle, or do you want to change university?

  • • Gather the information you need to make your application for credit recognition.
  • • We will evaluate your application and give you an answer as soon as possible with the credit recognition study.
  • • Once you have received the results, you can apply for the admission test for the Official Degree you are interested in.
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Financial issues should not be an obstacle that prevents you from achieving your goals. Instead, make sure you get an education with a future.

  • • National Mobility
  • • International Students
  • • Academic Excellence
  • • Enrolled Brothers
  • • Alumni
  • • Large Family
  • • Single Parent Family
  • • Large Family
  • • Diversity Scholarship
  • • ESIC Ayudas al Estudio
  • • Doctoral Degree Programs
  • • Agreement with educatonal institutions
  • • Advanced Vocational Training Programs students of ESIC
  • • Agreement with companies
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The Diploma consists in having complementary subjects during your Bachelor’s Degree and in 4 years you will be awarded the Bachelor’s Degree plus the Diploma. On the other hand, with the Degree you will have complementary subjects during the bachelor’s degree plus a 5th year exclusively of subjects of the degree. Therefore, you will finish your university experience in 5 years with the Bachelor's degree and the Degree.

Depending on the type of scholarship or grant, there is a different deadline. You can access this link to check them.

To request the validation study, it is not necessary to take the admission tests or to have completed your studies. We have a team of counselors at your disposal to help you and the validation study is completely free of charge.