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Welcome to ESIC University!


As an international student, you bring a unique perspective to our campus, and we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive and practical education in the fields of business, marketing, communication, and more. Every year, we welcome international undergraduate and graduate students.

Our campus is located in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in Europe, providing students with a rich cultural and social life and endless opportunities to explore and discover new interests.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our programs, our faculty, and our commitment to providing students with a truly global learning experience. We are confident that our programs will challenge and inspire you, and that the skills and knowledge you gain here will prepare you for success in whatever path you choose to take.

At ESIC University, we welcome exchange students from 123 partner universities worldwide on 4 continents.

International exchange students have the opportunity to come for one semester or a full academic year to study in our Official Degrees or Higher Titles.

Every year, ESIC welcomes over 200 students from all around the world.

And you, do you want to study in ESIC?
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The life of a student in Spain, specifically Madrid, is an international reference thanks to the immense amount of experiences offered to its citizens, residents, and tourists.

A very comfortable economic standard of living compared to other European countries, exceptional quality in facilities, gastronomy, culture, treatment, the closeness shown to international people, and of course, its climate.

Shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants with international themes from all over the world, sporting events, bullfighting, parties, nightlife, concerts, festivals, and holidays celebrated in a big way; the Seville Fair, San Isidro, the Sanfermines, Las Fallas, La Tomatina, and much more.

Public transportation consisting of trains, subways, buses, trams, bicycles, and electric scooters, with transportation cards at very affordable prices, where you can move to almost any part of Madrid in around 1 hour.

Buses, planes, and trains to move in a matter of hours to the wonderful historic cities distributed throughout the country, Toledo, Ávila, among many others, its mountains, its warm beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, and its stunning landscapes in the Cantabrian Sea.

There's so much to tell, so much to do, that we think
what better way to discover it than for yourself?

Come study at ESIC University with us and find out!


Discover below information that may be of interest to you

If daily life in Madrid, Spain is fantastic, imagine what student life is like. Being one of the most visited countries internationally, with exceptional prices.

You can enjoy, on the one hand, historic architecture, from cathedrals, palaces, ruins, to modern architecture such as skyscrapers or buildings with extraordinary and original designs. You can easily travel to every corner of Madrid with the excellent public transport services offered.

Spanish culture is very present in Madrid, ranging from restaurants, events, theater performances, people and their traditions, beer, siesta, joy, and of course, one of the greatest treasures of Madrid for young people, its nightlife.

The landscapes, favored even more by the incredible climate present in Spain, regardless of the season of the year, neither summers are extremely hot nor winters are extremely cold. According to various agencies, Madrid is the European capital with the most hours of sunshine per year, exactly 2,909.

You have public libraries to study, do homework, and read books (at ESIC University, you have a library available to you that you can go to without any problem), and students or professors are open to helping you with any doubts related to their subject.

Here are several reasons why Madrid is the best destination for you as an international student:

  • Quality Education With Top-Notch Universities
  • Madrid is a multicultural and international hub
  • Excellent public transport services,
  • Buzzing Nightlife And Entertainment in Madrid
  • One of the most awarded gastronomies and presence of restaurants from all over the world
  • A large part of the population speaks English.

Our academic year is divided into two semesters: the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester.

The Fall Semester runs from early September to the third week of December, providing ample time for students to settle into their classes and coursework. During this semester, students can delve into their chosen subjects, participate in extracurricular activities, and engage in various academic and social events.

As the semester draws to a close, the Exam period takes place in January. This period allows students to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the coursework and prepare themselves for the next stage of their academic journey.

The Spring Semester begins in February and runs through May. This semester is a time for students to continue their studies, take on new challenges, and explore their interests further. With the guidance of our experienced faculty, students will have the opportunity to refine their skills and knowledge and prepare themselves for their future careers.

The Exam period for the Spring Semester takes place in June, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding of the coursework before the end of the semester. For those who need to retake exams, the Exam Second Call runs from the end of June until mid-July.

Our academic calendar provides a clear structure for students to navigate their studies, allowing them to easily plan their academic schedules and personal commitments. With two semesters each year, students can make steady progress towards their academic goals while also enjoying a range of extracurricular activities and events.

At ESIC University we offer a list of subjects with which we intend to develop the maximum potential of our students, as well as their knowledge and strengthen the fundamental skills so that they are prepared for their professional future.

These subjects are at a provisional level, that is, there may always be some modification with respect to the subjects taught depending on the degree studied, that is, in order to offer our students the most updated education and training in terms of technology, global and economic situation and the latest developments in the business environment.

For international students who come to study at ESIC University there is a model to select the subjects to take during the academic period in which they decide to come to the institution to share their international experience with us.

  1. Open the course list for the academic period in which you are coming to study at ESIC University. If you are studying with us for the full academic year, you must repeat the process for both semesters.
  2. You will see a different Bachelor Degree on each of the sheets with the subjects structured in blocks depending on the academic year you are going to study. They all add up to 30 ECTS.
  3. You can choose only one block of subjects, it is not possible to choose subjects from different blocks.
  4. You can choose a block of subjects corresponding to academic years equal to or higher than the one you are in, never lower.
  5. You can choose the degree with the subjects that best apply to your validation, it is not necessary that it coincides with that of your Home University.
  6. Always confirm the selection of your block with your home university.

Are there maximum or minimum ECTS for the course plan?

There are no maximum or minimum ECTS required by ESIC for exchange students, we recommend you to contact your home university for the requirement.

Can we mix course from different program?

No, in order to avoid overlapping of timetable, it is not possible to mix courses from different programs, languages or courses years. For example, if you choose BBAM 4th year, you can only choose subjects from the BBAM 4th year.

Do we need to choose all the subjects of the program?

No, you can choose the subjects that you want to study, within one program and one course year. For example, BBAM program, 4-1 (4º year, 1º semester).

Do I need a minimum language level to take Spanish or English language class?

No, once you choose the language class, the language department will contact you to do a placement test. You can choose Spanish or/and English language class.

If I am a 2nd year student, can I choose subjects from 3rd, 4th or 5th year?

Yes, you can choose the subjects from the program that you want.

At ESIC University, we understand that finding comfortable and safe housing can be a major concern for international students. That's why we offer a range of international housing options that are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our international housing is located in safe and convenient neighborhoods that are close to the university and offer easy access to local amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and public transportation. We have a variety of accommodations available to suit your needs, from single and shared rooms to fully furnished apartments.

All our international housing options are equipped with modern amenities such as high-speed internet access, cable TV, laundry facilities, and gym access. We also offer cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your living space is always clean and comfortable.

At ESIC University, your safety and security are our top priority. Our housing options feature security personnel, key card access, and secure locks to ensure that you feel safe and secure at all times. Our buildings are equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to ensure that you are protected in the event of an emergency.

We offer a transparent and straightforward application process for our international housing options. Our helpful staff is always available to help you with any questions you may have and help you through the application process.

At ESIC University, we understand the concerns that international students may have about adapting to a new country, its cultures, and customs. We are aware that feeling at home is vital to living the experience in the best possible way, and for this reason, we place great emphasis on facilitating this incorporation for students who come to study at our university and our country.

To this end, before the academic year begins, we offer various activities to international students so that they can get to know different parts of Madrid, get to know each other, our "buddys" (local students who want to facilitate and contribute to making the experience of international students great), and in this way, be able to start as we would all like, with friends.

You will get to know the culture, people, but also try our food, see our landscapes, our university, and of course, Madrid.

As unconditional support to incoming students, we offer the following services:

  • Advice and guidance: financial aspects, subject validation, academic orientation, language support
  • Help with transportation, mobility, and in general, aspects related to life in Madrid.
  • Flexibility
  • A buddy program
  • The International Relations Office to physically assist you with any queries you may have.

As an international student, the process to obtain a student visa to study at ESIC University in Spain is as follows:

  1. Obtain an acceptance letter from ESIC University as you will need to provide this letter during the visa application process.
  2. Check the visa requirements for your country of origin on the website of the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your country.
  3. Schedule an appointment to apply for the visa at the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your country.
  4. Gather all necessary documents for the visa application, which include the acceptance letter from ESIC University, passport, proof of visa fee payment, medical insurance, and other documents depending on the visa requirements of your country.
  5. Attend the appointment at the Spanish Consulate or Embassy and submit all necessary documents. You may need to provide your fingerprints and a photograph during this process.
  6. Wait for the response from the Spanish Consulate or Embassy regarding your visa application.
  7. Once you receive the visa, make sure to carry a copy with you when you travel to Spain.

It is important to inform yourself in advance about the visa application process, as processing time and requirements may vary for each country.

The International Department of ESIC has launched the Buddy Program whose objective is to help international students like you in your process of integration into our campus and country.

buddy program

What is it?

A support programme for international students (Buddy Experience) is offered, which involves the involvement of ESIC students for a semester or academic year in helping and supporting international students. The programme will be developed as a "students for students" initiative within an established framework and with the support of the Vice-rectorate of International Relations and the International Office.

The International Coordinator will formalise this commitment and issue an accreditation certificate that will lead to the recognition of 1 ECTS (one semester) or 2 ECTS (2 semesters) and other benefits for the "Buddies".

Why is important?

In today's university context and as a consequence of increasing globalization, the international approach to university education is becoming a 'must have' through which to connect people from all over the world.

What is the purpose of developing the figure of the "Buddy"?


A university student
who knows all the
procedures and key aspects.


To assist in the arrival and
adaptation of international


Through different
procedures, we
will ensure that both the
"Buddy" and the student have
compatible profiles.

buddy program

How does it work?

It is really important to assign the right "Buddy" for each person, and we will try to narrow this down through the generation of a "match" according to personalities, individual situations, studies and courses and other circumstantial aspects. This assignment will be managed by the team of Buddy coordinators (specified below), led by the International Area grant holder in collaboration with the International Office.

In principle, the basic functions of the "Buddy" will be related to supervision, planning, coordination and planning in any of the aspects that a new international student may need:

1. Personal contact
As needed (daily or weekly); 1 Buddy x Foreign student (direct, personal, daily and informal contact). Personal contact and contact via telephone, e-mail, etc. Each "Buddy" will be in charge of at least 4 foreign students and must ensure their full participation and satisfactory stay in our School.

2. Participatory contact
Monthly; 1 Buddy x Working Group (Group activities, workshops, meetings and others). Dynamic and participative contact in which the "Buddy" member must lead his/her group towards a series of previously established objectives.

At the end of the semester (1st week December/May) a survey is carried out among the incoming students who have had a buddy.

At the end of the semester the buddies present their activities in a ppt presentation in front of the Director of the International University Area/International Mobility Coordinator.

Evaluation: Based on the presentation together with the results of the survey the Director of the International University Area/International Mobility Coordinator makes his evaluation (applying a simple evaluation system: A,B,C,D for validation) and writes the letter of recommendation which is passed to the Dean for approval and signature.

The ESIC Free Mover Program is an international program offered by ESIC University. The program welcomes students from both partner and non-partner universities around the world to spend a semester or academic year at ESIC. During their stay, students will have the opportunity to take courses and participate in the school's academic and cultural activities.

ESIC offers a diverse range of business and marketing courses that are taught in both English and Spanish, providing students with a unique opportunity to broaden their academic and cultural horizons while improving their language skills and gaining valuable international experience.

The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who meet the academic and language requirements. Students will need to pay the enrollment and tuition fees to participate in the program.

We encourage students to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to experience academic and cultural life at ESIC and enhance their education and personal growth.

Do you have questions or want to learn more about
international mobility programs?

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Director of International Relations Office
Yasmín Bermúdez

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Incoming Students Manager
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