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Master in Digital Marketing [MDM]

  12 months
  • Part Time

  Available locations

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Sevilla




Know more about the most succesful techniques of Digital Marketing with the Master in Digital Marketing of ESIC.

The Master in Digital Marketing is an innovative, academically sound, practice-driven, and digital marketing-focused program, reflecting the current challenges of the marketplace.The main objective of the MDM is to help and support students to make the transition into strategic management, in the area of digital marketing in particular.

This Master aims to reinforce students international careers with the International Business Experience. It offers 3 unique options to strengthen the participants’ professional development. Students must choose one of the following to complement their training: IBE London (Chartered Institute of Marketing), IBE Shanghai (Shanghai University) & CIM Postgraduate Diploma.



One of the main objectives of the Master in Digital Marketing is to cover the new demands for digital marketing skills in the market with a practical approach that allows students to understand and know how to develop all the knowledge acquired throughout the Master.


Prepare students for a new digital environment and train them for the new challenges that companies face in a constantly changing digital market.


Obtain the key skills and knowledge to create, develop and evaluate online strategies and marketing and digital communication plans, which will allow them to face the challenges of companies in the current and future context.


Have a working knowledge of the main technologies on which the different disciplines of digital marketing are based.


Increase the employability of students in the field of international opportunities by having received training in English is one of the growth opportunities that the Master in Digital Marketing of ESIC offers to its students.

Metodología Metodología

Academic Structure

The hybrid format allows you to personalize and make learning more flexible, through permanent "training".

In the hybrid classroom model, technology is integrated as one more element of the learning process that guarantees the continuity of training at all times. Your academic itinerary will begin with the core subjects (common to all masters), then the specialization subjects (specific to your master's degree) and in the optional module you can add subjects of your interest to design your own profile and cover any gaps by reinforcing the areas that you decide. In the end, the Final Master Project will follow.

Estructura académica - Image

Outgoing profile

  • Digital Marketing Manager //Digital Mktg responsible.
  • Digital Communication Specialist // Digital Communication responsible.
  • E-Commerce Manager // e commerce managers.
  • Digital Account Manager //Digital accounts managers.
  • Digital Media responsibles
  • Lead or Adquisition Specialist.
  • Content Marketing Manager & Social media Managers.
  • Entrepreneurs or Businessmen (who want to use the Digital MKT to improve the presence and sales of their company ...).

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