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You provide the effort, the enthusiasm and the dedication.
We provide the best possible training so that you can achieve the professional goals you set for yourself.


Requirements and admission process

  • Possess a secondary school qualification or equivalent.
  • Possess an Intermediate Level Vocational Training qualification.
  • Possess a Higher-Level Vocational Training qualification, or equivalent.
  • Possess any University Degree or equivalent.
  • Have passed the entrance exam to a Vocational Training course.
  • Have passed the university entrance exam for students over 25 years of age.


Applicants who have studied abroad must have these recognised in Spain and will be able to do this using the corresponding steps mentioned above, corresponding with the studies that appear as recognised in the Certificate or supporting document.

  • Contact us and request information and guidance from our advisors.
  • Submit the necessary documentation to start the admission process.
  • Complete the English level test and the essay or motivation letter.
  • Do the admission interview.
  • In less than 72 hours you will receive the result and admission to the programme of interest.
  • Reserve your place.
  • Formalise your enrolment by submitting the enrolment application form provided by your advisor.

The candidate must present the following documentation to start the admission process:

  • Copy of your DNI, NIE or Passport.
  • Academic documentation corresponding to your access method. If you have not yet completed your entrance studies, a provisional certificate will be accepted as valid to complete the admission process.
  • Family record book (or equivalent, if applicable).
  • Essay or motivation letter (ESIC will provide you with all the necessary information for you to complete this step. This test is not eliminatory; it will be used to guide you in the admission interview and to find out about your concerns).
  • English level test (ESIC will provide you with all the necessary resources to take this test. This is not an eliminatory test).

Once we have received all the documentation, an advisor will contact you to arrange the admission interview and complete the process.

Once this is completed, we will contact you by telephone and email to inform you of the result.

Contact with Celia Montoya