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  Courses dates

June – July 2023


1 – 2 weeks


900€ - 2.500€

  Study mode

On campus in Madrid

Spend the summer living in Madrid and studying at one of Europe's top universities and business schools.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to boost your professional skills whilst enjoying Spain, a country with an exceptional culture and out-of-the-ordinary gastronomy.

More precisely, you will experience life in Madrid, which is at the forefront of the world's most cosmopolitan cities - and it has stunning weather!

Expand your knowledge and enjoy a memorable experience!

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2 weeks living
the Madrid


International &
local students
and faculty


business programs
& classes


Sports, cultural
trips, activities &
language courses


From Bitcoin to NFTs, surviving the natural selection

Taught in English

  • Understanding the historical background that explains the rise of these new technologies.
  • Grasping the technological basis of Blockchain and crypto assets.
  • Be able to economically assess the realities that have arisen.
  • Understanding the legal and tax implications derived.
  • Be able to manage the metaverse, the lines that define it, the activities that are carried out within, its economic value and legal aspects, as well as its relationship with Blockchain technology.
  • Inmersive Metaverse experience. Create your own avatar with ESIC-Tech.
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Simulador de marketing

Taught in Spanish

  • Saber manejar el mix de marketing orientado a resultados de ventas.
  • Saber manejar las ventas de manera óptima para la mejora de la cuota de mercado en volumen y valor.
  • Saber gestionar los costes y el beneficio de una empresa desde la perspectiva del marketing.
  • Saber gestionar el ROMI
  • Saber interpretar la información de mercado con habilidad analítica y holística.
  • Saber tomar decisiones de marketing rápidas y eficaces.
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Why do things happen? Understanding the world from a cultural perspective

Taught in English

  • Grasp a clear understanding of the multiple ways in which organisations create both social and economic value in a world where the way of doing business is being challenged and redefined.
  • Develop global management skills and cultural intelligence to face workplace challenges as well as understanding where and how to use them, such as having difficult conversations, and leading cross-cultural teams.
  • Understand relevant concepts, including: ethics/morality, responsibility, digital rights, data governance, human-data interaction, and innovation.
  • Apply professional critical judgement and reflexivity to moral problems with no clear solutions.
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Marketing innovation executive program: Trends in data, experience & growth

Taught in English

  • To understand the relevance of a Data-Driven organization and to learn about new business models based on data management.
  • To understand how digitalization affects consumer experience, as well as the impact of new technologies in simulation and personalization in real-time.
  • To optimize customer management processes with new technologies, in order to enrich the customer base, and apply new acquisition techniques.
  • To master and apply innovative methodologies in the development of new businesses.
  • To develop and boost a creative thinking mindset.
  • Solutions.
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