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We provide you with a validation plan based on the studies you have taken and those you want to study. Join the #GeneraciónESIC.

An educational project based on quality, business reality and inclusive training. By studying Official, Private or Double Degrees, you will be able to face business challenges in the future with a guarantee of success.


What to sudy in ESIC

The best specialized training with different curricular itineraries.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management

  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

  • Degree in Global Marketing Management

  • Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business

  • Degree in Digital Business

  • Bachelor's Degree in International Business

Complete your Bachelor's degree with the best specialization.

  • Data Science

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Global Marketing Management

  • Digital Business
  • Sustainability Management
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Study at one of the best private universities in spain and live aunique experience

At ESIC we are committed to training professionals capable of succeeding all over the world. Our multicultural approach will give you the opportunity to live a unique experience in a country with great professional opportunities.

International scholarship up to 25%*

International scholarship up to 25%*

Take advantage of our international scholarships so the only thing you need to worry about is your professional development.

Internship program

Internship program

Guaranteed professional internships. Membership of the ESIC employment exchange for life. Average employment rate of 93%.

Simple management of academic records

Simple management of academic records

Don't worry about administrative procedures, in ESIC we simplify the management of your academic records.

Accommodation advice

Accommodation advice

Are you looking for accommodation in Spain? We help you find accommodation that suits you, at the location of your choice.

Online admission


You can take the online admission test conveniently at home.

Information request

If you are studying International Baccalaureate (IB) contact us to see what scholarships are available and take the online admission test. If you would like to start this academic year 2021/2022 you must come from a pre-university system or a European baccalaureate (French, British and German amongst others) or International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma).

Information of interest

If you are a student from a pre-university education system different to Spanish, it will be necessary for you to comply with each of the requirements for studying one of the ESIC University Degrees. In this section we explain step by step how to register at ESIC.

So that you can plan in the best way possible and have time to prepare your documents, we would like to remind you that academic courses in Spain start in September and end in June.

Even if you have not finished the Bachillerato, IB Diploma, A levels, Baccalaureate, Maturitá or equivalent educational system, you can take the admission tests and then reserve your place until you complete your documentation on the established dates.


It is imperative that the language requirement be met by the candidate in order to enter any of our degrees.


  • Minimum B2 (Spanish)


  • Minimum B2 (English)


  • Minimum B1+/ B1 HIGH
  • Minimum B2 (Spanish)

If you have an official language certificate not older than two years it will be valid and you will not need to take our internal language test. In case you do not have an official language certificate, you will have to take an internal level test through the ESIC languages área

Certificates valid for English:

Cambridge English First, Advanced and Proficiency, IELTS. TOEFL and TOEIC.

Certificates valid for Spanish:


To start the admission process you must make an appointment in advance with the admissions team. You can do this online or by phone. Choose the campus where you want to study your degree.

The admission process can be done online or in person at any of our campuses and consists of a personal interview, a company case study and an *English test.

*Test of English not exclusive for degrees taught in Spanish.



You'll need to tell us what day and time you'd like to take the tests. Choose the modality you prefer to perform the test.



Once your appointment has been requested, you will receive a confirmation email with all the steps to follow.



No previous preparation is necessary. On the requested day and time, you will receive an email with a link to our platform if you take it online. If you take the test in person, we will wait for you at the Undergraduate Admissions Department of the selected campus.



Once all the phases of the admission tests have been completed, we will inform you of the resolution within 72h (3 working days).

The tests are held individually from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 17:30 (Spanish mainland time). Remember, always by appointment.

Once the appointment is closed, a confirmation email will be sent with the documentation required for the test and the steps to follow.


The ESIC admission test can be taken in both Spanish and English, it will always depend on the language in which you are going to study the university degree. The duration is approximately one and a half hours and does not require previous preparation. The admission test is divided into FOUR PHASES:

  • 01 Personal Interview: The objective is to find out the profile of the candidate, their affinity with the chosen career and their motivation to study at ESIC.
  • 02 Business Case: This test focuses on the candidate's writing, reasoning and expression skills and not so much on their knowledge or mastery of the subject.
  • 03 Oral and written English test: This test will allow us to know the candidate's language level. For those English-speaking students who are applying for a degree in English, there is no need to take a level test. For the rest of the candidates who have an official certificate in English, they will not need to take this language test.
  • 04 Oral and written Spanish test: This will allow us to know the candidate's language level. For those English-speaking students who apply to study a career in English, they will not need to take a level test.
    For the rest of the candidates who have an official certificate in English, you will not need to take this language test.


It will be important that you have the following documentation (either in digital format for online or physical testing) ready a few days before you make your appointment:

  • Passport or NIE.
  • NHigh school grades or equivalent education system.
  • Requirement of Legal Access to Spanish University*.. (Homologation of the definitive Foreign Baccalaureate or definitive UNED accreditation).
    (In case of wanting to study the Degree in Global Marketing, it will not be necessary requirement for access to Spanish university, but if the baccalaureate or equivalent).
  • Official Certificate of English.
    (In case you do not have an official English certificate, you can take our internal language test)

If you do not have the Legal Requirement for Access to the Spanish University* (Homologation of the Final Foreign Baccalaureate or definitive UNED Accreditation), admission will be conditioned until it is fully obtained, within the established deadlines.

The reservation of a vacancy must be paid once the candidate has received the notification of the admission decision and before the date indicated therein. If the admission is not made in time, the place cannot be guaranteed. In this communication will come the steps to follow for the completion of the reservation of place and the following procedures.

The amount of the reservation of place will be returned in the event that the student has not passed the Bachillerato, Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior or similar or the corresponding university entrance exam.

The registration fee will have to be paid once the student has one of the requirements for legal access to Spanish universities (Homologation of the definitive foreign baccalaureate or definitive UNED accreditation). To do so, the Student Services Office will inform the student of all the steps to be taken.

The registration period may vary depending on each ESIC campus. We recommend that you contact the corresponding campus to find out the exact registration dates.

ESIC has a collaboration agreement with a Consultant for the Approval and Legalization of Academic Documents for your access. This agency is an expert in obtaining the legal requirements for university access (UNED ACCREDITATION and DEFINITIVE FOREIGN BACCALAUREURE HOMOLOGATION).

At ESIC we offer this alternative so that you can process your legalization of documents in an easier and safer way. This procedure can be extended in time and in the case of missing documents, your application may be rejected by the corresponding body.

It is important that you bear in mind that if you do not have these legal access requirements, necessary for your enrolment, you will not be able to start your studies with us. Depending on the pre-university education system you come from, you will need a certain legal requirement or other.

Those students coming from European Educational Systems, including the IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) and China must present the definitive UNED ACCREDITATION. The institution that manages this ACCREDITATION is the UNED (Universidad Nacional Española a Distancia).


For those students coming from the Chinese education system who cannot accredit the GAO KAO, their access route will be through the Foreign Baccalaureate Approval through the MECD.

However, students coming from other educational systems that do not appear in the previous point must deliver the DEFINITIVE FOREIGN BACCALAUREURE HOLDING. The institution that manages this HOMOLOGATION is the MECD (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport).

  • Example of CONDITIONAL ENROLLMENT FLYER (not valid for registration), HERE.

IMPORTANT: THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORT takes between 3 and 6 months to issue the resolution (the majority being 6 months), so our recommendation is that you carry out the procedures as soon as possible so that your Final Foreign Baccalaureate Approval is in time and you can register without any problem.

* ESIC is a private centre attached to different universities on each of its campuses so the admission and final registration of international students to study for an Official Degree is conditioned by the requirements, regulations and fees that these universities establish for the corresponding academic year.
In the case of wanting to study the Higher Degree in Global Marketing, the candidate will not need the two previous requirements for access to Spanish universities, it will only be necessary to hand in the approved and apostilled Certificate of High School.

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