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The Role of Foreign Investment Attraction Promotion Agencies. ICEX Case


09 de Jun del 2021 | de a


Online Zoom



Establishing an investment promotion agency (IPA) has become a very popular institutional approach in the strategic promotion of foreign direct investment (FDI) across nations and regions worldwide. In this presentation, I examine the role of IPAs in improving the FDI environment and promoting inward FDI. The task of the presentation is, with the help of qualitative methods of research, to determine the promotion techniques and tools that lead to a better FDI performance and verify them in the cases of such investment promotion agencies



  • 17.00h – Institutional welcome.
  • 17.05h- 17:45h – Masterclass: "The Role of Foreign Investment Attraction Promotion Agencies. ICEX Case" César Lajud Desentis, an experienced Trade Commissioner and Consul General who has also spent significant periods in financial evaluation, risk assessment and negotiation with high level officials.  Possesses first class training and experience in international commerce, together with a well developed sense of marketplace evaluation and development.  Specialises include bilateral trade and economic analysis of the economies of Spain, Mexico,Latin America Europe and the United States.
  • 17:50h. Information about the Master in Corporate Finance.
  • 17.55h. Q&A.
  • 18:00h. Farewell and closing.




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