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International MBA

A unique program to manage Business Administration in an international business and entrepreneurial environment, offering a cross-cultural experience and a deep inmersion

The IMBA is designed to enhance your management and leadership skills while strengthening your ability to face and solve challenges in an increasingly globalized environment and gain competitiveness in new complex scenarios with disruptive and innovative business models. The strong partnership among these leading Chinese and Estonian Institutions is intended to be a beacon for globally focused professionals to acquire the insight, expertise, networks, and multifaceted approaches to become successful global executives and managers in tomorrow’s business environment.  

Furthermore, the most prestigious international higher education boards, such as EPAS and AMBA, accredit the International MBA, recognizing the standards of the quality of the program, the academic rigor, and the focus on professional development. The International MBA is an academically sound, practice-driven, and global management-focused program that faces the current challenges of the international marketplace. This international MBA is intended for people looking for a truly international and global business career. 

This program offers an educational experience through an international stay either in Tallinn (Estonia), the European capital of Digitalization, or at the double accredited SISU, Shanghai (China). An international approach from SMEs and large companies’ perspective while facing a Final Project launching a self-created startup, enabling the students to face the new complex challenges of globalization (digitization, ethics, sustainability, higher competitiveness, and new business models). 

Once you complete the program, you will obtain the Master degree in International MBA from ESIC University. 

Internationally accredited by AMBA and EFMD

  10 months
  • Full Time


  • Madrid




  60 credits ECTS


Business Study Tour

4-weeks Business Study Tour (BST) in SISU, Shanghai, to undertake the course 'China: Doing Business Under a New Paradigm.' or a 4-weeks BST in EBS, Tallin, for specialization in ‘Leading Innovation for a Digital World’. 

Where is it taught?

International Master in Business Administration in Madrid

Our International MBA in Madrid is taught at ESIC Business & Marketing School campus. Our campus in Madrid was inaugurated in 2021 and has 36 classrooms, an auditorium for 300 people, 16 work rooms, 5 meeting points, gym, mindfulness room, cafeteria and much more. Our classrooms are full of students from our master's and postgraduate programs specializing in marketing, management, and technology. The campus is the place to network, work on your ideas and learn. But, above all, it is the perfect place to live the present and build the future.


ESIC Campus in Madrid

Avenida Juan XXIII 12,
Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
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91 452 41 00

Modality: Presencial

Duration: 18 months

Language: English


Septiembre 2024

¿Por qué estudiar?


Because it is a unique program designed to enhance management and leadership skills while strengthening the ability to face and solve complex challenges in an increasingly globalized environment. The formative elements included in the program are intended to be a beacon for globally focused professionals to acquire the insight, expertise, networks, and multifaceted approaches to become successful executives and managers in tomorrow’s business environment.


At ESIC we know that doing is the best way of learning. Our programme design is based on pragmatic components like tools, workshops, real-world cases, and the deployment of licenses so that you can access the labour market with the best possible preparation. Our IMBA approach stands out for its many advantages :



We are proud of the national and international recognition of our programs. We are even prouder of the people who make ESIC one of the best institutions in the world. The quality of the teaching staff, employees and, above all, our students’ and alumni’s desire to excel, make ESIC and our Master´s Degree in Business Administration stand out with the following recognitions:



Based on the experience and the international perspective




Based on the students and alumni’s opinion




Based on the employability




Based on the students and alumni’s opinion for Latin Students.



This master’s degree is for young professionals from Business administration-related areas, willing to work in an international business environment that includes the latest innovations and business models to acquire the insight, expertise, networks, and mindset to become successful executives and managers in tomorrow’s business environment.


Objectives Master degree in International MBA from ESIC University


Acquire and demonstrate a solid understanding of the concepts related to organizational functions in a business environment characterized by uncertainty and constant change, including proactive risk management. 


Identify, integrate, and effectively evaluate emerging challenges in the economic and social environment in response to increasing uncertainty, evolving global trends, and the digitalization of global markets. 


Define and contextualize the purpose of business activities, making critical decisions based on principles of sustainability, ethical values, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations as key elements shaping global business dynamics. 


Enhance personal skills to meet future job demands, emphasizing critical thinking and the development of top-tier communication competencies adapted to diversified and digitalized management environments. 


Besides delivering solid and relevant academic content, the program will focus on developing leadership and management skills that enable participants to excel in an ever-evolving business market.  


The programme is divided into Courses. Core Courses are devised for participants to develop foundational knowledge, critical awareness of actual and complex scenarios, new insights, general intellectual skills, and attributes necessary for that knowledge and understanding. They also cover a wide range of practical, professional, and transferable skills. 

The program focuses its activities and workshops on hands-on training tools in Business Administration, such as PowerBI and a Business Administration simulator for the decision-making process. 

This module offers an in-depth look at global business, blending economic analysis with strategic management to navigate international markets. It emphasizes understanding global macroeconomic forces and crafting strategies for multinational operations, including change management. Additionally, it underscores the importance of ethics and sustainability in business practices. This comprehensive approach prepares students to lead responsibly and adaptively in the global business environment. 

  • Gobal Macroeconomics 
  • International Markets
  • Business Strategy 
  • Change Management 
  • Business ethics & sustainability 

The module is designed to sharpen students' strategic thinking and management skills for the global market. It integrates market research and business analytics to support informed decision-making, alongside practical exercises like a BA Simulator and business plan development. Additionally, it emphasizes project management techniques essential for implementing strategies effectively. This module prepares students for the challenges of international business with a focus on analytical and execution skills. 

  • Market Research & Analysis 
  • Business Analytics 
  • Business Plan 
  • BA Simulator 
  • Project Management 

The module delves into key financial competencies, including market and financial analysis, understanding funding options, and corporate finance management. It equips students with the ability to assess financial health, secure capital, and make strategic financial decisions within a corporate setting. This streamlined approach readies students for tackling financial tasks and strategic planning in the global business landscape. 

  • Financial Analysis 
  • Funding & Sources of Capital 
  • Corporate Finance 

The module combines insights into entrepreneurship with the impact of digital transformation. It teaches design thinking, lean, and agile approaches for innovation, alongside strategies for developing effective business models in a digital era. This concise curriculum prepares students to lead and innovate in fast-evolving markets. 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Design Thinking, Lean & Agile 
  • Business Models 

The module sharpens essential leadership skills, focusing on negotiation, effective communication, critical thinking, and persuasive storytelling. It prepares students to lead with confidence, make strategic decisions, and inspire teams through enhanced presentation techniques. This module is designed to develop insightful and influential leaders capable of navigating the complexities of the global business landscape. 

  • Negotiation 
  • Communication & Leadership 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Storytelling & Presentation Techniques 

The module synthesizes crucial business areas including Marketing Management, International Operations, Supply Chain, Organizational Behavior, and HR Management. It offers insights into global market strategies, efficient logistics, and effective team leadership. This streamlined approach prepares students to adeptly handle key operational functions and drive organizational success in a global setting. 

  • Marketing Management 
  • International Operations 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Organizational Behaviour 
  • HR Management  

An intensive month of immersion in an international business and entrepreneurial environment, offering a cross-cultural and educational experience through an international stay either in Tallinn (Estonia), the European capital of Digitalization, or at the double accredited SISU, Shanghai (China). An international approach from SMEs and large companies’ perspective while facing a Final Project launching a self-created startup, enabling the students to face the new complex challenges of globalization (digitization, ethics, sustainability, higher competitiveness, and new business models). 

An academic-professional experience designed for managers and visionaries looking to catapult their careers to new heights on the global stage. A stay that will enhance your understanding of business management, complement your practical and analytical skills, and expand your professional network. It is an experience designed to provide students with management elements of consistency, from theory to practical application, preparing them to face real challenges in the global business management world and solve specific challenges at the end of their stay.  

*Academic Structure subject to change. All programs are FACE-TO-FACE but Business Reality Webinars may be held outside of class hours.


A decision-making Business Adminstration Simulator with up to 250 variables

A practical approach for one of the more frequent marketing tools 

The entrepreneurial journey and critical elements to create a startup 


You will have two different assessments throughout the program, Individual and Group assessments. Beyond this, some Courses will have a joint evaluation where the Courses involved will share the same Life case, context, and relevant data for you to sort out the complexity of the scenario, analyze the critical elements for every Course in the joint challenge, providing effective and efficient solutions and proposing a final set of recommendations according to the corresponding questions associated to every single Course evaluated jointly. 

Eventually, you will have 4 group assessments (see below) apart from the Final Master Project (Group Business Plan).  

Courses per Life case: 

  • Group case 1: Business Strategy, Change Management, and Business Ethics & Sustainability 
  • Group Case 2: Market Research & Analysis and Business Analytics 
  • Group Case 3: Financial Analysis, Funding & Sources of capital, and Corporate Finance 
  • Group Case 4: Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation, Design Thinking, Lean & Agile, and Business Models 
  • Group Case5: International Operations and Supply Chain 
  • Group Final Project: it will consist of a Group Business Plan to launch a startup. 

At the end of each course, students will work on the part of the Case that corresponds to that course. Finally, the complete work will be presented in an executive way before a panel of experts assesses the entire Life case and gives practical feedback to the Group. 

Life cases are real cases presented by experts in the case sector, with a real common briefing for all the courses that make up the group assessment. That briefing will be introduced by the professors involved in that assessment, who teach the corresponding courses of that Life case, having the students take between 3 and 6 weeks to execute it, depending on the length of the courses.

The assessment will consist of the following Academic and Executive aspects: 

  • Theory and understanding
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Style and Structure
  • Communication and Professional presentation skills

Win-to-Win Marketing Simulator: a decision-making Marketing Simulator with up to 250 variables 
Power BI Workshop: a practical approach for one of the more frequent marketing tools 




It is an innovative training ecosystem that helps you to deploy your talent to the maximum and thus develop professionally and personally. On your journey of personal transformation, you will interact with five pillars of support, which will underpin your learning experience: 

  • Business reality, brought into the classroom through case studies and practical activities.
  • The Soft Skills that are fundamental for your personal and professional development.
  • An expert teaching and business faculty.
  • A heterogeneous community of national and international students.
  • All the different areas and services that ESIC puts at your disposal.



The Transformative Learning teaching method helps you by implementing innovative active learning methodologies where the teacher puts you at the centre of the learning process and guides you towards academic excellence. The aim is for you to acquire skills through the practical application of knowledge and tools.

The resources you will have at your disposal are:

  •   Asynchronous support materials, videos, readings, etc.
  •   Self-assessment.
  •   Tutored application and feedback.
  •   Practical and experiential activities.
  •   Assessment system that combines demonstration of individual and group achievements.
  •   Tutored final project.



A wide range of global positions applies to those taking the IMBA within the Global Business and administration field, including Finance and Banking positions and consulting firms in any sector. It is subject to the entry profile and career development plan: General and Executive Directors, CFOs, Consulting Associate Directors, Global Advisors, CEOs…

Competences acquired during the program:

  • International, entrepreneurial, strategic, and operational vision for Markets, SMEs, and large companies, including new technologies and business models.
  • Multidisciplinary management.
  • Teamwork and personal knowledge.
  • Data/Fact-driven decision-making
  • Analyze and synthesize information
  • Provide solutions to problem-solving 
  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Contingency planning
  • Thinking creatively
  • Balancing options
  • Competing interests and needs
  • Influence and leadership




ESIC's Professional Development Unit is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to promoting your professional career, whether you are studying in the classroom or as an Alumni. You can count on the UDP if you need to enter the world of work, as they have their own employment site, although they also collaborate with international sites, fairs and career events.

With almost 4,000 work placement offers and more than 2,000 job offers, the UDP has an overall employability rate of 95% for students in the Marketing and Sales area and 100% in the communication area, among others.


In the master's degree program, you will be in constant contact with working professionals from pioneering companies, either through workshops or interventions in the program. In addition, if you are looking to complete your training with internships, ESIC offers the possibility of contacting top companies in the sector. Among them we highlight:



In our 6th edition of DBS, we delve into the experiences of brands such as Cosmic, Atrevía, Virtual Voyagers, Llaollao, or Axicom, who explained to us how they challenge their status quo through revolutionary ways that transform their way of doing business through this year’s theme: immersive marketing.

Get ready to be part of experiencing this unique event!


Business study tour

You can take an optional international experience that complements your studies with an immersion into the world of international business. Explore new cultures while gaining practical knowledge and building a global network. Transform your learning and open doors to unique personal and professional opportunities.

The BST "Estonia: Leading Innovation for a Digital World"

The BST "Estonia: Leading Innovation for a Digital World" provides a deep dive into Estonia's innovative and digitally advanced model, offering a comprehensive understanding of how this small Northern European country has become a global leader in technology and digitalization. 

The program combines lectures, case studies, company visits, and interactive networking sessions with other MBA students, providing you with a stimulating and practical learning experience. Taught by experts in Estonian innovation and technology, the course offers a unique and insightful perspective on how a relatively small country can lead the digital revolution and provide valuable lessons for the whole world. 

The course focuses on exploring technological development strategies to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and the advancement of cutting-edge technologies in areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. It also emphasizes analyzing the Estonian startup ecosystem, examining success stories and best practices, understanding cultural and social aspects, and being able to extract applicable lessons. 

*If for any reason beyond our control, this destination is not available, we will do our best to offer a suitable alternative. Participation in this BST is subject to additional cost and its execution is subject to a minimum of 15 students. Places subject to availability. BST delivered 100% in English.

The BST "China: Doing Business Under a New Paradigm"

The BST "China: Doing Business Under a New Paradigm" offers a deep and up-to-date exploration of the complexities and opportunities in the business environment in China within the context of its rapid transformation. Designed for professionals seeking to understand and capitalize on the unique dynamics of the Chinese market, this Business Skills Training (BST) provides a comprehensive insight into how to successfully conduct business in China in the contemporary era. 

The course is built on a combination of lectures, case studies, practical exercises, and interactive discussions, providing you with a rich and stimulating learning experience. Taught by experts in Chinese business and with access to updated resources, "China: Doing Business Under a New Paradigm" equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the dynamic and challenging Chinese market. 

The course focuses on exploring the cultural, social, and business context of China, as well as mastering entry strategies into the Chinese market. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing current trends and challenges facing businesses operating in China, evaluating case studies and best practices to develop intercultural management skills. 

*If for any reason beyond our control, this destination is not available, we will do our best to offer a suitable alternative. Participation in this BST is subject to additional cost and its execution is subject to a minimum of 15 students. Places subject to availability. BST delivered 100% in English.


At ESIC we talk about figures. These are what define us:



More than 55 years of history means that we have institutional agreements and collaborations that recognise our quality as a business school. These are our accreditations:


We accompany you throughout the whole process, guiding and advising you so that you choose the best option for your professional career. These are the steps to follow:


  1. You request information through our form.
  2. An advisor will contact you in the following 24-48 hours.
  3. You have a first contact call and a consultancy meeting is convened for questions and doubts.
  4. You have a second call where all your doubts are solved, and you are guided in everything you need. 


  1. If the programme meets your needs, you proceed to apply. 
  2. Prepare the necessary documentation (such as university degree or certificates). 
  3. Conduct a personal and professional essay.
  4. You hand in all documentation.


  1. Once the documentation is approved, you are scheduled for an interview with the program director. 
  2. At this interview, you will be able to discuss any specifics you want to know about the program, as well as any questions you may have. 


  1. After the interview, your advisor will contact you within 24-48 hours to notify you if you have been accepted into the program.
  2. Once you have been accepted, you have about 5 days to formalise your enrolment.
  3. Once the enrolment is complete, you will be given all your access (virtual classroom, e-mail...).
  4. Of course, our last step is always to congratulate you and to wish you the best for your studies.


Requests for information and your application is completely free of charge. Once you have been accepted, you have a deadline to pay the registration fee. This amount will be deducted from the final price of the programme.

THE PRICE OF Master degree in International MBA from ESIC University IN madrid

Final price intake : 09/2024 € 33.000


We do not want economic issues to be an obstacle for you to reach your objectives and ensure a training with a future. Therefore, we present you with a wide range of possibilities that will help you in this sense, both the Scholarship Plan that we have developed at ESIC, as well as those that are available to you from different public and private organisations. The scholarships and grants available are as follows:

  • • In-house scholarships
  • • National scholarships
  • • International scholarships
  • • Mobility grants for international internships
  • • Insurance and financial aid
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inversion FINANCING

ESIC has financing agreements with certain banks with preferential conditions for students enrolled in any of the school's programs. The specific rules and conditions of each of these agreements can be found in the Secretary's Office. ESIC helps you with the financing of your degree.

If you live outside one of the cities where ESIC has a campus and you are looking for accommodation, we recommend a series of companies and residences dedicated to student accommodation. Find the one that best suits your needs.

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At ESIC we want every step you take to bring you closer and closer to the future you are building. Get a head start and access our PLAN IMPULSE:

  • INNOVATION. Totally free access to 3 Workshops on AI applied to business.
  • LANGUAGES. Free online course to choose from 12 languages.
  • CERTIFICATIONS. Special conditions with ESIC Idiomas.

Benefit from our IMPULSA PLAN if you enroll before 30 June 2024.


ESIC se ha asociado con la plataforma Flywire para aceptar pagos de estudiantes extranjeros de todo el mundo. Puedes realizar tu pago de forma fácil y segura en tu propia divisa, mediante formas de pago locales desde la seguridad y comodidad de tu hogar. Tendrás seguimiento en tiempo real y soporte multilingüe a cualquier hora.

Más información


Study grants will be communicated to you during the selection process. Our grants are adapted to each profile and date of enrolment. In addition, you can find out about the grants that ESIC offers as well as those offered by other public and private organisations.

Yes, there is a percentage of compulsory attendance in the face-to-face masters. However, you may have a small percentage of unjustified absences.





This program prepares future business managers to maximize the economic and social value of the companies and communities.

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The MDM is an innovative program that is studied 100% in English so that you can strengthen your professional career with an international perspective.

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MÁSTER EN DIRECCIÓN FINANCIERA (Master in financial management)

The MDF is a program that offers specialized technical training in the area of finance, combined with the strengthening of managerial skills and general knowledge of business management.

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