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Julio 2020

ESIC Barcelona gathers 8 testimonials at the Speakers Corner event to offer a close view of the "ESIC experience" to future postgraduate students

Publicado por: Barcelona

On July 23rd, ESIC Barcelona organized the 1st  Speakers Corner, an event where future students were able to know the "ESIC 360º experience" in a different way. Ariadna Casadevall, Director of the Postgraduate Campus, presented the dynamics of the activity and the participants who met in this online session: First, teachers Luca Dell'Oro and Josep Salvat, representing the "Academic Corner", showed the main differential values of the teaching methodology of ESIC. Then, Bianca Morini, Director of the Professional Development Unit [PDU] of the Postgraduate Campus, gave voice to the “Career’s Corner”, a block dedicated to explaining the counselling and professional development services available to all students once they have started their program. Later, the testimony of Alejandro Alemán, a former student of the Master in Marketing and Sales Management [GESCO] from ESIC Barcelona, took place in the "Alumni's Corner”. Lastly, the Campus Admissions advisors, led by Alicia Martorell, Director of this area, answered all attendees' questions in the “Counselor’s Corner”.

To start with, Dell’Oro and Salvat, the co-directors of the Master in Communication and Advertising Management –also professors in many other programs of ESIC Barcelona– highlighted ESIC's main feature as a business school: all its masters and postgraduate degrees seek to offer eminently practical training based on the current business challenges. “This requires us to review and update the content each year, as the subjects we teach are extremely changing –marketing, digitalization, management, communication, etc.–, demand that is heightened by the need to pass strict quality controls by the accreditation agencies –AMBA, EPAS or CEL are some of the certifications that ESIC programs hold–”, Luca Dell’Oro affirmed. On his part, Josep Salvat pointed out that all ESIC teachers are active professionals or have an extensive work experience, so the cases practiced in class are closely linked to their experience and, therefore, to the business reality.

The session followed up with the intervention of Bianca Morini, who outlined all the services associated with the PDU, from individualized advice and specific activities to promote professional development, to the online platform with resources and the job and internship board, that allow a lifetime access for all the students of the Campus. Morini also answered the most frequent questions raised in the wake of the health crisis: regarding how Covid19 has affected the recruitment processes and job offers, she stressed how telecommuting and hybrid positions are becoming more common in many organizations. Moreover, she also encouraged future students to be aware of recruitment trends since, although there are sectors that are entering a crisis, there are many others that are experiencing a significant growth, which will demand qualified professionals in the very near future.

Finally, the alumni Alejandro Alemán intervened, sharing his experience studying the GESCO at ESIC Barcelona. “In 2017 I decided to come from the Canary Islands to study at ESIC, a private institution that, above all, stands out for its 100% practical training, its networking and the multiculturalism in class”. Alemán emphasized the proximity of both the faculty and the academic management team, spirit that the School tries to preserve in the classrooms: “During the partial projects I worked with each and every one of my classmates... In fact, I still keep in touch with many of them. As for the teachers, what I liked the most was that they were very far from the stereotype of authority «I am the expert and you are the student», making their classes a true exchange in which we all were involved”, remembers. As for his professional experience, in less than six months he found a job, joining the marketing team of a renowned company, in which he has already been for more than two years, and some time more as a former student of the School, which currently has a community of more than 60,000 alumni worldwide.

Finally, the professionals of the admissions team finished solving, in a personalized way, the doubts of the participants, who are looking forward at the beginning of the next academic year. All of them have their expectations set on one of the twelve masters or one of the more than ten specialized programs that the institution offers at the Barcelona Campus –to see the full academic offer, click here. Definitely, an upcoming course full of exciting challenges awaits them.