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What are the best banks in Spain for international students?

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  • Julio 2023
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

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 What  are  the  best  banks  in  Spain  for international students?

Making the move to Spain can seem like a daunting task, especially as an international student. A newplace implies not knowing anything about it and having to be quick on your feet. Luckily, the internet is agreat   resource   to   find   the   best   options   for   banking   in   Spain.   There   are   many   options   available   forinternational students to feel comfortable and safe in their international banking options. There are alsooptions available for digital only transactions as well as physical ones, for anyone who may need those specifications.

BBVA Bank Spain

This bank is a perfect option for so many people to choose as an international bank in Spain. It is a verywell-known bank all over the world with its reliability rate being extremely high.  It is the second largestbank in all of Spain, meaning there are locations and ATMs littered all over the country. Its app is alsovery intuitive and user friendly, making transactions, deposits, and all other kinds of banking necessities avery easy and simple process. The main draw here is that the online services are so good, the physicallocations may only be needed for withdrawals instead of the other banking necessities. Plus, it offersmany perks to people withdrawing from their machines in the country and are partnered with multipleother banks as well. The soccer league, which many may confuse for the bank, on the other hand, isunfortunately not directly involved with the bank it self aside from being a subsidiary of it.

Santander Bank

This bank is another one of Spain’s largest and is best known for its great service and quick solutions foranyone needing a great banking experience. Another bank that is well known all over the globe, this bankis very similar to BBVA bank in many ways. The app is also very user friendly and intuitive as well. Santander bank has many locations all over the country and makes transactions simple and clean. It alsooffers very low commission rates for those in need of extra help. Their multilingual employees are always ready to help almost anyone who needs to interact with their own language.

Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell is the fourth largest bank in all of Spain and offers bank accounts to many others allaround the globe. All processes are in English, making life much easier for those who are not in Spain forthe Spanish immersion or to learn the language intricately. It also offers multiple different bank accounttypes to suit any possible needs. Any withdrawals made within the country are free as well. A greatbonus, however, and making it perfect for students, is that anyone under the age of 30 can create anaccount for free and any money transfers all around Europe are also free.


Wise  is  a  well-known  bank for  students who love to travel all around  the  world. It offers over 50 currencies, and  the application process  is  extremely  easy and fast. Any  kind of  worldwide  moneytransfers are much cheaper than in other banks, making for a perfect option for students who are alreadyinvesting in other international companies or are looking to better understand other currencies, includingthe Euro. It is a fully online service with no physical locations, but the effectiveness of the services makesup for any lack of physical presence.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a bank in Spain

All these banks may seem to offer many of the same services, but each requires additional research tofully understand the intricacies of what they each offer. With some being online only, that could be anissue for some looking for interactions with actual representatives. Fortunately, with technology takingover, many of the interfaces and tools these apps offer make for experiences just as effective as physicalones. 


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