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Master in Corporate Finance [MCF]

  12 months
  • Executive

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  • Madrid




Know more about the most succesful techniques of Corporate Finance with the Master in Corporate Finance of ESIC.

The Master in Corporate Finance is aimed at professionals in the financial field or who wish to work in it, with a minimum level of English of B2.2, with a minimum of 3 years of experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial management, M&A and corporate development, structured finance, capital markets, financial planning or financial consulting; graduates in Economics and Business, or other qualifications with an MBA, a master's degree in accounting or related areas.



The Master in Corporate Finance has the objective to teach to understand the company's competitive environment, alignment of the organization to achieve its long-term objectives as well as understanding the process of creating business value and its drivers in a sustainable way.


Reflect and justify the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and codes of good governance within the framework of business strategy, identifying ethical and/or agency problems as well as possible solutions that can be applied in a business and financial context.


Ability to apply the technological and computer tools for extracting financial information from databases, asset valuation, portfolio optimization, modeling, simulation and decision making in uncertain environments (E-views, SPSS, Excel)


Ability to understand, analyze and interpret the company's financial statements and their limitations within the IFRS and US-GAAP international accounting framework for business decisions


Understanding of the financial planning and wealth management process according to the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA) and knowledge of the different asset classes and financial products available at the personal level for effective investment (through the use of fundamental analysis methodologies and technical analysis)

Metodología Metodología

Academic Structure

The hybrid format allows you to personalize and make learning more flexible, through permanent "training".

In the hybrid classroom model, technology is integrated as one more element of the learning process that guarantees the continuity of training at all times. Your academic itinerary will begin with the core subjects (common to all masters), then the specialization subjects (specific to your master's degree) and in the optional module you can add subjects of your interest to design your own profile and cover any gaps by reinforcing the areas that you decide. In the end, the Final Master Project will follow.

Estructura académica - Image

Outgoing profile

  • It is expected that each student, by the end of the Master in Corporate Finance, will have developed knowledge and skills that will allow them to make financial decisions regarding investment and financing, and valuation of financial assets. Students will be able to act as a financial manager with business management skills and competences.


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