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    Are you looking for an exciting and enriching educational experience this summer? Look no further than ESIC University's summer programs! Our one-week courses offer students the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, learn about new cultures, and gain valuable academic credit. With a range of courses available from Blockchain to NFTS, Why Do Things Happen? Understanding the World through a Cultural Perspective, and Marketing Simulator, there is something for everyone. Why Choose ESIC University's Summer Programs?

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    Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and one of the ones that is filled with the richest history and most varied cultures. Like many other cities in Spain, Valencia is growing each year with other students, making it a prime destination for any incoming students looking for a new place to check out. Valencia’s inviting nature is a great way for any student to accommodate themselves in a smooth and effortless manner. While a good education is important, students today are looking for more. A place to relax and maybe even learn something new in the process. 

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    With increasing numbers of young adults thirsting for adventure and new experiences overseas, Spain is a hot destination for fulfilling those requirements. Yet, there are many intricacies one must consider when making the final decision to ultimately spend a whole semester, or more, in Spain. Among them is the inclusion of the European Credit Transfer Union (ECTS), a credit system that allows for the same qualifications at any European university, including many in Spain.

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    Spain is generally incredibly welcoming to foreigners and anyone trying to try something new within their borders. There are, however, general requirements needed in order to be able to achieve this. This goes for students who wish to spend an extended period of time in Spain in association with their studies. Students have many opportunities with the student visa but there are general requirements needed and information to keep in mind when applying.

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    Spain is an incredibly inclusive and diverse country with many people seeking to move there and start new lives. Many of these people are parents and seek a concise way to understand the Spanish educational system. Luckily, it is a very simple and comprehensive system that can be explained very easily.  

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    There are plenty of reasons to study abroad in Spain. Things like the culture and the landmarks are a huge draw for students and many others looking for a place to study abroad. The best part of studying in Spain, however, is how accessible to anyone the country makes it. The Spanish government, along with many universities on their own, decided to provide different scholarships for students who want to study abroad.

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    Barcelona is becoming the hottest city in Europe as students flock to it to enjoy all that it has to offer. From night life to historical landmarks, Barcelona offers the ultimate experience for students to have a good time while also appreciating the rich culture that the city has in store. This city screams uniqueness, and anyone looking for a nice change of pace or a special place to kick back and relax while getting their education in, Barcelona is the perfect place for them.

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    With Spain being home to some of the most prolific cities in the world for university students, there is a huge demand now for people who want to study masters programs there. Luckily, there are tons of reasons and plenty of choices for those who want to make the effort to look for what they need. Spain is a beautiful country and it practically demands students to visit it.  

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    Spain has become a top destination for students who want to experiment with a new place where they can live all kinds of new things. With all kinds of activities to partake in, Madrid could be the perfect combination of an enriching place to immerse in culture and a thrilling spot for a great night. Madrid has plenty of fellow university students as well, considering there are many universities where hundreds of students cycle in and out each year.

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    Cada país tiene una clasificación diferente de su sistema educativo que suele empezar a una edad muy temprana y puede continuar hasta prácticamente el doctorado. En España, la educación, que consta de diferentes niveles académicos, está supervisada por el Ministerio de Educación y Deporte, financiada por el Estado y es obligatoria entre los 3 y los 16 años.  



Puedes cursar tus titulaciones en Madrid, Barcelona y Valencia.


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