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Living as a student in Barcelona: reasons to choose this city and cost of living

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  • Abril 2023
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School.

Barcelona is becoming the hottest city in Europe as students flock to it to enjoy all that it has to offer. From night life to historical landmarks, Barcelona offers the ultimate experience for students to have a good time while also appreciating the rich culture that the city has in store. This city screams uniqueness, and anyone looking for a nice change of pace or a special place to kick back and relax while getting their education in, Barcelona is the perfect place for them.



H2: Culture and landmarks


Barcelona is a beautiful city with plenty of nice beaches to have a fun day in the sun. Or, more appropriately for a student, a perfect place to study for an upcoming exam, listening to the sound of the waves. Fortunately, most universities in Barcelona are just minutes away from the beach, if they're not already overlooking it! In addition to the beautiful beaches, however, Barcelona has tons of places rich in culture to enjoy such as the Sagrada Familia building, with its beautiful classic architecture. Another spot to enjoy the culture is Las Ramblas, a bustling main street that is inhabited by lively locals and other students as well.


H2: Nightlife


One cannot forget the night life and how important that is to a university student. School can be tough and having the time to unwind and have a good time is imperative. Thankfully, Barcelona has a great nightlife, with many of the main plazas offering plenty of options, from bars to clubs. To add to all the good news, it is relatively cheap to party in Barcelona, so the wallet doesn’t need to hurt either. If nightlife is too much, there are also parties during the day, almost every day in the streets or venues to celebrate a special occasion or to have a good time after a long day of school and studies.


Student life


As aforementioned, students are going to Barcelona to experience its wonderful amenities first hand every year. Currently, there are over 200,000 yearly student entries into Barcelona and the number doesn’t seem to be getting smaller. There are all kinds of meet and greets as well as bars and such for those in need to mingle and interact with other people in their position, or to be able to enter an environment where they can speak their own language.


Spanish immersion


For those looking to improve their Spanish, Barcelona is an excellent option as Spanish is the primary language. Luckily, it is a very tourist centered city, so many of the locals speak English, making getting around and learning from them a perfect option. Not only this, but the meet and greets and “gringo Tuesdays” are a great place to interact with not just other foreign students, but locals looking to meet new kinds of people in their home. There are also tons of options for accommodations with locals or homes that offer their rooms to foreign students for a semester or so. There are a bunch of options for those seeking them.


Cost of living


Fortunately for many people familiar with other European countries and cities, Barcelona is relatively cheap in comparison, and many accommodation options are made for students, including transportation and discounts, depending on the different universities and what they each offer. There are people offering rooms for immersion, but there are also dorms and other university driven options for affordable accommodation as well as offering tips and tricks to effectively and cheaply get around. Overall, there is no real reason not to try Barcelona for a semester and see what everyone says is so amazing.


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