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Introducing Our New Master in International Relations and Global Economy

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  • Julio 2024
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School.

Advanced education is crucial for those aspiring to lead in the rapidly evolving landscape of international relations and the global economy. We are thrilled to announce our new Master in International Relations and Global Economy program, designed to prepare students for influential roles in diplomacy, international business, and global policy-making.  

Program Overview  


Would you like to study our Master's Degree in International Relations and Global Economy? Log in for more information.

Our program provides a robust curriculum that blends theoretical foundations with practical applications. This comprehensive approach equips students with the critical skills and knowledge required to address global challenges and capitalize on international opportunities.  

Why Choose Our Program?  

Expert Faculty: Learn from a distinguished faculty composed of scholars and industry professionals with extensive experience in international relations, economics, political science, and law. This ensures a multidisciplinary and practical learning experience.  

Global Perspective: Gain a global outlook through case studies, simulations, and internships that expose you to real-world international issues and economic dynamics. This perspective is vital for understanding and managing global interdependencies.  

Key Features  

Comprehensive Curriculum: The program covers essential topics such as international trade, global finance, geopolitical strategies, and sustainable development. Specific courses include Global Economic Governance, Digital Economy & Globalization 4.0, and Risk Analysis and Crisis Management.  

Research and Innovation: Engage in cutting-edge research projects and collaborate with faculty members. Our focus on research helps develop critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for solving complex global issues.  

Career Development: Benefit from extensive career support services, including networking events, career counseling, and job placement assistance. Our strong alumni network provides valuable connections across various sectors.  

Curriculum Highlights  

Global Economic Governance: Explore the frameworks and institutions that govern international economic relations.  

Digital Economy & Globalization 4.0: Understand the impact of digital transformation on the global economy.  

Sustainable Development Goals and Global Environmental Politics: Study the intersection of environmental policy and global sustainability efforts.  

Risk Analysis and Crisis Management: Learn to identify and mitigate risks in an increasingly volatile global landscape.  

Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power: Develop strategies for effective international communication and influence.  

Spain, China, and LAC: Trilateral Connection: Analyze the economic and political ties between Spain, China, and Latin American countries.  

Unique Learning Opportunities  

Study Abroad: Spend 11 weeks at LSE Ideas the Top 1 Worldwide Think Tank in IR at London School of Economics (LSE), gaining exposure to diverse cultures, professional networks, and leading global markets.  

Global Connect: Our innovative networking platform connects students with professionals, academics, and experts worldwide, fostering strategic alliances and expanding career opportunities.  

GLO Lab: Participate in our unique final dissertation model, which encourages practical solutions for global challenges through collaborative projects and idea laboratories.  

Admission Requirements  

Prospective students should possess a bachelor's degree in a related field and demonstrate academic excellence. Professional experience and a keen interest in international affairs are highly valued. Applicants must submit a resume, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and GRE scores.  


Our Master in International Relations and Global Economy program is your gateway to a successful career in the global arena. Join us to gain the expertise needed to navigate and influence the world's complex economic and political landscapes.  

For more information and to apply, visit  

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