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Study in Spain for EU students: requirements

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  • Julio 2023
_ESIC Business & Marketing School

_ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC Business & Marketing School.

The requirements to study abroad in Spain are generally not the most difficult to fully meet. Non-European students may find some trouble gathering all that they need and finding information on the best choice for them, but European students can rest easy knowing that their process will be much faster and easier than anyone else. There is a reason so many students choose to study abroad in Spain, and it’s not just the beauty and the culture, but the accessibility to European students as well. 

Bachelor programs in Spain

While nationality may not be a huge contributing factor for getting into a Spanish school for European students, certain other requirements, like level of study and the program are the same for everyone. First off, a student must have met any academic requirements for the university of their choosing. Luckily, European students only need to do the rest of the application process as if they were native Spanish people. Many students, even European ones, are often asked to sit down for a series of exams known as Pruebas de Competencias Específicas (PCE) that depend on each university or program. Generally, however, European students do not need to go through as arduous a procedure as other students. 

Other programs in Spain

Spain offers many other degrees other than a bachelor's, like many other countries. That is why, the requirements needed for specific programs are asked by the programs themselves. For instance, to apply for a master's program, the student must have a bachelor's degree or the equivalent. Similarly, doctoral programs must provide a degree proving they have at least 300 credits. These are just a few of the specific program’s students can choose to enroll in but must meet the requirements before doing so. 

Language requirements to study in Spain

Many students go to Spain to immerse themselves in the culture and the language. This is especially true for European students since they have much easier access to study in Spain. Specially in comparison to any other Latin countries. However, they require proof of Spanish language proficiency to take Spanish immersion courses. This applies to any students, European or otherwise. A test is also a follow-up to ensure proficiency. The same goes for English language proficiency as well, but this mostly applies to countries where English is not the primary language. Many students find it much easier to learn English in Spain as opposed to other countries where English is not a primary language. 

Do EU students need a student visa?

While a student visa is one of the main requirements for many international students to be able to study abroad in Spain, it is not needed for any students coming from any European country, besides Switzerland. Swiss students must follow the same guidelines as any other international student. While it may seem like this facilitates everything for European students, there are still certain requirements necessary to apply to study in Spain, so it’s not a guarantee just because the pieces are much easier for them overall. 

Finances and insurance to study in Spain

While not explicitly stated, it is extremely important for students to have absolutely all their finances in order before considering studying abroad in Spain. This goes for both international students outside of Europe as well as within. For European students, since a visa is not required, it may seem like financial stability is the least of their worries. However, many universities require students to provide bank statements proving an income or at least a certain amount in savings. Similarly, much of the same goes for insurance. Many universities require students to have an insurance policy if they are to apply to study with them. It’s not required to live in Spain exactly, but it is necessary to study in Spanish universities. 

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