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How to invest in the Metaverse?

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  • Febrero 2023
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  • Febrero 2023
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_ESIC Business & Marketing School

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The world is changing every day as humanity dives deeper into the pool that is virtual reality. The ability to essentially live a whole other life is provided through virtual reality and it seems to be a very appealing prospect for many people. Many companies have taken initiative and started their worn virtual games which represent a sort of double life in the virtual realms that these games provide. Among those companies is Meta, formerly Facebook, and they seem to be going all in on their game/platform, Metaverse.



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What is the Metaverse?


As aforementioned, metaverse is a virtual reality game that is attempting to simulate real life by allowing players to purchase things, live in homes, go on adventures, etc. It is a combination of a typical massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) and a life simulator, akin to a game like Second Life, for example. However, many people seem to believe that it is a purely leisure-based game that seems to very accurately represent real life. While this may be true, considering its basis on creating a sort of digital market, it can also be a very important investing tool, and maybe even a new venue in which entrepreneurs can create their businesses. It may be very young right now, but the prospect of what one can achieve and make within the new boundaries of this expansive world are now available to anyone willing to make the effort to try it.


Tips for investing in the metaverse

Here are some tips for how to invest in the Metaverse:


Invest in Others

While Metaverse may be in its infancy, there are still many ways to get in on the prospect of the future of Metaverse. While not a direct way to invest within the platform itself, this is a good alternative for those who may want to get their feet wet and figure out whether Metaverse could prove itself profitable in the future as well. Many websites like The Motley Fool contain all the companies that are investing in Metaverse or Metaverse related things like VR headsets or website domains. By investing in these third party sources, one can put their faith in the success and willingness to invest that these other companies provide.


Invest in Meta

While it may seem simple enough, Meta has its very own stock that, with the increasing popularity of Metaverse, could prove to be very lucrative, especially as Metaverse continues to grow. Meta has invested over $100 billion in Metaverse as they seem to believe that it is the future of businesses and marketing. Seeing that Meta has done nothing but grow over the past few years, despite many discrepancies and public relations nightmares. There are even some ETfs that a person could buy that include minor stocks for various companies, including Meta. It would include a bundle of the companies supporting and investing in Metaverse as well as Mete themselves in order to make the whole thing a complete package.


Digital real estate

This may come off as an impractical way to make any money, as buying land online that nobody can set foot in could seem a bit foolish on a surface level. Yet, there is so much more potential in investing in digital real estate on Metaverse. Remember that Metaverse functions as a replica of our world, and one very prominent type of area in our cities are shopping centers and businesses. Metaverse would be no different, as one can freely go in and out of businesses in its world. Investing in some digital land and putting up digital stores could really change the game for how people shop, similar to how Amazon did. By approximation, one could then imagine a boost in revenue and appeal, which could increase values of previously bought digital land.


We recommend that you continue updating yourself on the latest trends and acquire the right knowledge about the metaverse. We invite you to take a look at our Master in Marketing Management.


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  • Febrero 2023
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