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What is trade marketing and what is its scope and reach?

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  • Diciembre 2022
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What is trade marketing?



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Sometimes going directly to and from the consumer for references on how a product is doing simply does not work. That is why there is trade marketing, which is a means of branding and pushing a product or service directly from the origin, which in this case include distributors, partners, and wholesalers. It is the practice of proving to the mass marketers and distributors that your product is the best in the business and why they should choose you over the competition. After all, acquiring the majority of distributors almost immediately ensures the constant rolling out of products and their placements upon the wholesalers shelves. More products being promoted by other sellers means more sales for the company as a whole.


Trade marketing includes many methods in order to ensure that wholesalers choose you over the competition in every aspect. This is called business to business marketing, in which the marketing and pricing goes directly to the supply chain and its top as opposed to being marketed squarely at the consumers themselves. Things like ensuring the display of a product and its benefits can allow for this. Also, things like shelf placement and word of mouth influence the knowledge base of the product and ensures to the top of the supply chain that they are not wasting their time and money on this one product.


What is the scope of trade marketing?


Companies have visions and goals for market places that they choose to run their company as well as their ultimate goals in where they want it to go. Scope is the projection of where they can go and how far they can push for this possibility to become a reality. For example, a pizzeria that just opened in the heart of New York City may need branding and sponsorship deals. Their scope should not be to acquire the kind of marketing team that, say, Pizza Hut has, or even something like Dominoes as well. Instead they should set their sights on a more local business strategy and look for a supply chain much more within their limits, especially as a newfound company ready to be a part of the business world once and for all.


And what about the reach of a trade marketing strategy?


Reach is essentially the actual place a company can go to in their supply chain. Where scope serves as a form of goal projection, reach is the actual means in which a company can reach in order to distribute accurately on a new supply chain. Going back to that pizza parlor, their scope may be on the Pizza Hut distributors, but they can only feasibly acquire something much smaller and low stakes in order to properly begin their business venture and not run out of money or resources in the process.


We live in a world with billions of inhabitants, all of which go out to buy things every single day. Competition is a real and scary thing and many companies know that. That is why it could prove beneficial to resort to marketing directly to the supply chain instead of consumers. If one buys the majority of a supply chain, then they are mostly ensured that people will not only see their products, but be far more inclined to purchase them as well. Competition for consumers is one thing, however, but competition among actuarial companies is a whole other ball game. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve profitability, so it is important to view the space in that way and be prepared for any form of competition that may come to happen.


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  • Fecha de publicación
  • Diciembre 2022
  • Management
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